Scattered storms tomorrow; The rain will ease up this weekend



Columbus, Georgia (WRBL)- A warmer morning to start our week with readings in the low 70’s. Temperatures reached into the mid 80’s and even into the 90’s this afternoon.

Tomorrow readings will be warm again with afternoon highs in the upper 80’s. Showers and storms will again be driven by daytime heating. Tomorrow’s storms may bring gusty winds and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, and a storm or two could become violent.

This choppy pattern will continue well into this weekend before our chance of rain fades. After the passage of a front on Saturday/Sunday morning. Starting next week, conditions will be significantly drier.

Temperatures will remain near average this week and will reach the upper 80s tomorrow. By Thursday, the readings will cool down to the low 80s and even high 70s. However, afternoon highs through Saturday will quickly rebound back into the mid to high 80s.

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