‘Scott Pilgrim’ anime tempts with ‘Avatar’-like heights, while ‘Squid Game’ heightens controversy in real life

Like the seasons, times and life in general, Netflix‘s content library is no stranger to change, with all-time classics and old blockbusters often rotating out, making room for its own originals and new releases every two months. And as time ticks down in September and the rest of fall, the Netflix metamorphosis remains as dynamic as ever.

As Netflix stunningly prepares to say goodbye to one of its most expensive acquisitions later this month, a bevy of high-profile recruits are preparing to spend their time in the spotlight, including a comic-book anime adaptation that would have done just that Smashed the streamer if it had been live action, a more controversial version of it Squid game This could get even more controversial, and Netflix’s latest attempt to capture the essence of it John Wick Franchise.

Scott Pilgrim takes off Had it been live action, Netflix would have been bankrupt

Scott Pilgrim against the world
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We’re still a few months away from that Scottish pilgrim Starts, but the Netflix anime reboot of the popular 2010 graphic novel and film adaptation is already something of a success story; The entire cast of Edgar Wright’s beautifully crafted but tragically unprofitable blockbuster returns to take on voice roles, all under the supervision of the original Scottish pilgrim Mastermind Bryan Lee O’Malley himself, Scott Pilgrim takes off On paper it definitely looks like the best of the best.

And if the prophecy actually comes true as a Netflix hit, it’s all because of the fact that it’s animated; According to series co-writer BenDavid Grabinski, the shenanigans are in Starts would have needed one avatarlevel budget to bring it to life in live action and beyond Scott pilgrim against the worldThe poor return is a risk that the streamer understandably doesn’t want to take. Of course, that also means we’re probably in for some pretty stellar fight scenes, keeping the animation route a win for everyone involved.

Squid Game: The Challenge The company is reportedly planning a bold release strategy alongside the many bold decisions that already make it up

Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge.
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The idea of ​​a reality TV competition is based on Squid game should cause more than a little discomfort; Not just because such an essentially violent, fictional premise – however watered down – is being adapted for the real world, but also because it’s certain that a whole lot of people will be convinced by it because – and not regardless of that – such a development.

To its credit, Netflix appears to have taken the necessary steps to create a safe filming environment for its 456 attendees, but it doesn’t seem quite as interested in preventing a frustrating viewing experience for those who want to tune in, if rumors persist Talk about a staggered, bulky release schedule should be viewed with caution.

This week is your last chance to see a complete underdog of sci-fi horror


Alex Garland was never one to make safe films, so to speak. In fact, since he started directing in 2015 Ex Machina, he had not the slightest fear of treading on divisive territory; indeed, if 2018 destruction If there is any indication, he accepts it.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Garland’s sophomore solo direction was focused on marching to the beat of a different drum (mentally debilitating in the craziest way possible), and maybe that was enough for Netflix, to shell out roughly $20 million for the sole streaming distribution rights when this offer was up. But now the sun is setting on this particular investment destruction is expected to leave the streamer on September 30th. So if you feel like giving your neurons a little genre fiction kick, you’d better grab it while you still can.

Another John Wick Wannabe straight from Netflix’s own ranks, another example of audience gold

the black book
Photo via Netflix

You have to hand it to Netflix; It’s certainly good at producing an awful lot of entries in its most lucrative genres – be they romantic comedies, true crime stories, pretty much anything with the word “erotica” in the description, or action thrillers.

The black book falls into this latter category, with the Nigeria-set revenge thriller being the latest in a long list of seemingly bi-weekly action films that have not only joined the ranks of Netflix’s in-house library, but have also made the suits a ton of money, as evidenced by its top -10 presence in the film charts in 68 different markets.

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