Scott proposes “automatic death penalty for school gunners”.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott has floated the idea of ​​an “automatic death penalty” for those who commit school shootings.

“We need to consider an automatic death penalty for school shooters. Life in prison is not enough for the deranged monsters who come into our schools to kill innocent children and educators. Pray for all who are facing the unimaginable in Nashville. This is awful and needs to stop,” Schott tweeted.

The senator’s tweet Monday came after someone committed a shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children and three adults.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department chief John Drake on Monday described the perpetrator as a “28-year-old woman” — him called that the person identified as transgender, and when asked whether the person identified as a transgender man or woman, Drake called “Woman.” But the Associated Press has reported that police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said via email on Tuesday that the person was “assigned female at birth” and “has used male pronouns on a social media profile”.

Before becoming a US Senator, Scott was served as Governor of the Sunshine State from early 2011 to early 2019.

After the deadly 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., Scott signed legislation containing various provisions. including 21 years is the minimum age to purchase a gun.

The Parkland massacre killed 17 people, but the perpetrator received life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. in one opinion Responding to the news last year, Scott noted, “Many of us find it difficult to understand how such brutal crimes can be punished with anything other than the severest punishment permitted by our laws. While I have faith in our justice system, today’s decision is not what many of us expected.”

Commenting on the news last year, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that the crime warranted the death penalty: “I think if you have a death penalty at all, this is a case of you intentionally massacring these students with utter disregard of basic humanity that you deserve the death penalty,” DeSantis said called.

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