SEAN HANNITY: What did the FBI do on January 6th to protect the Capitol?

Fox News host Sean Hannity rates the FBI’s handling of the Jan. 6 Capitol break-in as “Hanny.”

SEAN HANNITY: Remember that in the run-up to the 6th, then-President Trump — and he already has four witnesses I’ve already interviewed who support his story — ordered the National Guard to remain available in case anything happened. So what has our federal government done? They knew the building would be packed with MPs and the Vice President of our great country. They knew a huge, emotionally charged crowd would be gathering nearby. They knew, based on actionable intelligence, that bad actors and agitators would be present. What the hell did the FBI do? Protect the Capitol and our elected officials?

Iowa man convicted of seven counts related to 2021 U.S. capital riot

If Christopher Wray has his way, we’ll never know. Now that was the complete farce J6 Committee with their predetermined result. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to prevent something like this from ever happening again. This is not good. We should protect our Capitol, our institutions, our elected officials, just as we should have followed up the 574 riots of the summer of 2020. None of them have ever been fully studied. Those responsible for thousands of injured police officers, two dozen Americans dead and billions of dollars in property damage have never been held accountable.


At the federal level, of course, Democrats are not interested in holding the FBI accountable. After years of vilifying local law enforcement — confinement, dismantling, no bail — they’ve now found themselves in a warm embrace from the FBI. Now, this love affair with federal law enforcement is likely to last as long as the Washington field office honors the wishes of the Democratic Party. For example, the party that once loved and respected whistleblowers… they now seem to threaten them.

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