Senator Ted Cruz makes a Cancun joke that leaves Twitter users cold

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted to possess the Libs again on Friday, but likely all armchair psychologists were left asking was if he secretly yearned for humiliation.

While in Midland, Texas, the scruffy politician tweeted a photo of himself jokingly referring to February 2021, when he left his Texans with record-breaking temperatures and power outages to travel to sunny and warm Cancun, Mexico to stay.

Cruz was criticized for his actions and the resulting humiliation prompted him to fly back to Texas from Mexico almost immediately.

Since then, Cruz has tried to downplay the apparent political error in a weird way: by joking about it.

That was the case on Friday, when Cruz found a neon Cancun sign and thought it would be fun to pose next to it.

The photo was just Cruz’s latest attempt to cover up the Cancun scandal by joking about it.

But while self-deprecating humor can benefit a politician, Cruz’s repeated attempts to joke about his willingness to desert his constituents in times of need — and the actual jokes — show he still doesn’t understand why the Cancun -Journey for him was terrible visually.

For example, in November 2021, he responded to a tweet about California Gov. Gavin Newsom vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, by tweeting back, “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo.”

The Cancun faux pas made Cruz the subject of jokes, such as when he was accused of hypocrisy after criticizing Joe Biden for taking a tropical vacation.

Twitter users tried again to explain to Cruz why his occasional references to Cancun aren’t having the desired effect.

Colin Allread, a Democrat running for Cruz in the Senate, wasn’t impressed by the tweet.

Some people had more than 200 reasons why Cruz shouldn’t joke about Cancun — the number of Texans who died in that record-breaking cold more than two years ago.

But one person expressed solidarity with Cruz — even if it was obviously sarcastic.

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