Seth Meyers calls BS over Donald Trump’s claims he’s ‘having fun’

All is not well in the Trump world right now, and that’s understandable — but don’t let anyone on Team Trump hear you say that.

As witnessed by millions, Donald Trump spent most of Tuesday making history by becoming the first former president to be arrested on suspicion of committing a crime (34 to be exact). But as Seth Meyers shared in Wednesday’s “A Closer Look” segment, Trump is desperate to keep up the facade that all is going well.

Meyers played a clip about a story The New York Timeswhich claimed that “the former president has told friends and associates that he welcomes the idea of ​​being shown around by authorities [while] surrounded by the media. Trump has also reportedly openly considered smiling for the cameras during a possible criminal spree. And described the potential situation as a ‘fun’ experience.”

However, Meyers was not so convinced by Trump’s apparent stance.

“‘It’s going to be a fun experience’ is definitely a lie that you tell people when you’re scared the shit out of it,” Meyers observed, noting that Trump’s take on the whole event “is 100 percent what I said right before it would say to skydiving, ‘This is going to be great. I just can’t decide whether to smile or not.’”

Besides the late night The host thinks part of Trump’s “shtik” is to have the world believe he’s enjoying whatever’s thrown at him. Meyers added, “Trump wants us to think that everything he does is intentional … meaning he plays four-dimensional chess and always brings out the best in us and loves every minute of it.” But it’s not true. I mean look at him: he’s used to sitting with royalty and CEOs and now he’s sitting in a chair that was used by a guy five minutes before he walked in who [pleaded] not guilty of a charge of exposing himself to a squirrel in Central Park.” (No, that was not one of the charges against Trump.)

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