Shares the rescue of a 25 pound cat ‘hunk’ who is stuck four stories up in a tree

A man has shared the tallest rescue he’s ever climbed after a 25-pound “chunk” of a cat, aptly named Fat Cat, became stuck in a tree.

Duane Hook is an avid tree climber and uses his skills to rescue pets who have bitten off more branches than they can chew.

Hook was called to Ohio, where owners Sayla and Danny had been desperate to get their pet back on the ground.

Originally called Little Kitty, he’s now called Fat Cat thanks to his size. Hook says he’s the “biggest” cat he’s ever had to save.

Photo of FatCat stuck in a tree.
This combined image shows Fat Cat stuck in a tree. A man shared the rescue of the largest cat he’d encountered up a tree, which weighed 25 pounds.
Duane Hook/@getmeowttahere

He shared a clip of the event on his TikTok page @getmeowttahere, showing him climbing a 45-foot tree, which is four stories.

Hook tells news week: “Fat Cat human told me the situation that Fat Cat was stuck in this tree for four days and they tried everything to lure him down. They put a 40 foot extension ladder on the tree, but it didn’t reach the poor cat.

“They built an extension pole with a pool net to try to catch him and even managed to give the poor cat a drink of water with PVC poles they had lashed together. They had reached out to everyone seeking help, including creating social media posts asking for help.”

Cats often go missing, with 15 percent of owners admitting their cats were AWOL within five years, according to a 2018 study published in National Library of Medicine said.

The results stated: “Approximately one-third of the cats were cured within 7 days.

“A physical search increased the likelihood of finding live cats, and 75% of cats were found within 500m of their vanishing point.”

Of the owners of the 602 missing cats recorded in the study, only 1 percent, four cats, were found in a tree.

Photo of FatCat stuck in a tree.
This combined image shows Fat Cat in a tree. The cat was stuck 45 feet in the air for four days.
Duane Hook/@getmeowttahere

After unsuccessful attempts to get Fat Cat down, its owners finally turned to Hook for help, who brought his gear to the crime scene while they talked about Fat Cat.

“All cats are little psychos in their own way,” he said. “Knowing each cat’s unique personality helps me approach them.

“The last thing I want is for a cat to jump out of fear or climb higher in the canopy to escape me and my imminent bagging.

[His owners] weren’t sure what had put Fat Cat in the situation he was in. Usually these cats are chased by a dog, coyote or even another cat and they climb a tree to escape. I once rescued a cat that was being chased up a tree by a group of kids.

“Shayla and Danny were walking their dog on their property when they heard Fat Cat screaming from the treetop. That’s how they discovered him up there.”

Explaining the rescue process, Hook said he first assesses hazards in the tree and in the area, such as: B. power lines, and then try to get the cat in a sack.

Luckily, the execution of Fat Cat’s rescue was flawless.

Hook said, “There were no difficulties and it was a smooth rescue. Fat Cat was about 45 feet up the tree and made the right decision to come to me, requiring very few convincing tricks from me. Sometimes I’ll spend up to an hour in the tree waiting for the cat to get over her pride and/or fear of me. Fat Cat was easy. He was ready for help.

“The only difficulty was his size and I couldn’t use my typical sack technique, but he offered minimal resistance to the spooky sack.”

Hook, who declines to pay for these rescues, offered some tips for owners in a similar situation, saying, “If your cat is in a tree, it’s best to wait. Try to figure out what frightened the cat and keep that threat away for a few days.

“Give the cat at least overnight to figure out how to get off. I do not recommend putting fodder or ladders on the tree. Food attracts other animals that may startle the cat and prevent it from climbing down.

“Ladders present an obstacle that the cat may have difficulty descending.”

If the cat still hasn’t come down after a night, Hook suggested contacting a professional to help.

Hook, who also shares his saves on his Instagram page @duane.hook, has garnered nearly 8 million views for the Fat Cat video.

Posting Tuesday, he called the job a “Texas-sized rescue,” as people gushed over the footage in the comments.

Belle Buchanan said, “I absolutely love what you do, your kindness is priceless!”

Caroline admitted, “My palms are so sweaty watching this.”

And Nemo Nobody said “What a cute boy!!! and 4 days?? poor baby! Thank god you came in!”

The graphic below, provided by Statista, shows America’s favorite animals.

Infographic: Americans' Favorite Furry Friends | statistics You can find more infographics at Statista Shares the rescue of a 25 pound cat ‘hunk’ who is stuck four stories up in a tree

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