Shereé Whitfield discusses BravoCon drama Real Housewives of Atlanta in Episode 3 preview.

The ladies meet like they’re old friends. In other words, they’re there to talk, get some shade, and stick to the shooting schedule. Sheree WhitfieldSanya Richards Ross and Marlo Hampton are back together in one Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 Episode 3 – Sneak Peak Brunch at Château Shereé.

We get the drone footage of The Château (making it seem even bigger), we’ve got the slow-mo (to flaunt the fashion), and we’ve got this unlikely trio who’ll probably only like each other for 2.5 seconds. What is there to talk about? The others!

What happened at BravoCon?

One of the hot topics seems to be BravoCon! You know, the annual Bravo superfan event that’s moving to Sin City this November. So what is there to discuss? Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce. Also, the “we live in different realities” argument between Sanya and Drew Sidora.

First Kandi and her mom. Joyce still hates Todd Tucker, and Bravo burns the tea. Andy Cohen: “Say three nice things about Todd.” Joyce: “He’s still little.” At this point, the topic doesn’t even need to be included in an interview conversation. It’s the same 10 year story.

Drew and Sanya can’t even talk. What teases Bravo? A whole lot of nothing. Her dynamic is: Drew goes on the offensive and tends towards Shady (but says she isn’t). Her choice of words and her questions resemble a good police interrogation. Keyword: “Have I made your life difficult? Or were you trying to make it difficult for me?” Girl, bye.

But Sanya’s ego takes the bait. She’s basically saying in the interview that Drew says one thing and does another. But does her “I’ll take care of it, work until I don’t like what I see” vibe encourage side-glances? Meanwhile, Marlo laughs at Drew’s outfit because she doesn’t have anything legitimate to say.

The ladies at RHOA sure know how to lengthen an olive branch, but they start with a read. They say they like each other, come for support and shadow, shadow, shadow until they’re tired and ready to go home. Is their coming for businesses, families, and even everyone’s looks a little frumpy? Or is her way of scamming a check still entertaining?

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