Showers spread inland this afternoon

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Morning sunshine will quickly see temperatures soar to over 80C this afternoon. A breeze off the Gulf of Mexico slightly increases the humidity.

Be aware of some early afternoon showers developing near I-75, but most of today’s rain will fall in the late afternoon and early evening in the central state. It’s still not widespread rain, but some of us will get some much-needed rain today.


Onshore winds are driving any tomorrow’s showers further inland. Some rain is expected in eastern Polk County and Highlands County, but most showers will occur closer to the east coast.

With increasing humidity in the atmosphere on Thursday, the chance of rain increases slightly to 40%. Again, most afternoon storms are pushing east quickly.


The chance of rain falls again to 20-30% on Friday and at the weekend. Next week could bring better rainfall with near average highs.


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