Slasher Stans defends an unfairly overlooked sequel forever forgotten


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To the credit of the world, getting lost in this maze can be pretty easy Friday the 13th Franchise; a series that armed its cheese and its camp to become a cultural phenomenon where the final chapter wasn’t really the final chapter, while also being outfitted with one of the most serial killers the genre has ever seen.

Nevertheless, one may think that the film turned that The last chapter in the bad marketing would succeed in the public’s memory a little better than before, but Friday the 13th: A new beginning still remains one of the franchise’s more obscure entries, and according to a fairly vocal thread on r/horror, it’s more than worthy of love Jason lives managed to intercept.

Whether life afterwards The last chapter was the point of no return for the franchise’s status as a series of Campy Ave Mary’s up for debate, but according to the original poster, A new beginning sparked such an ethos in a much more prominent way than Jason livesand they were particularly diligent in delivering their receipts.

A user accused the New beginning The presence of Roy Burns, the real culprit behind the Jason impersonator, was neglected, but another echoed the adamant assertion that Roy played a key role in improving the film.

And from that moment on, the thread accumulated love A new beginning like never before, complete with references to the film and salutations to the late director Danny Steinmann, whose work in the porn genre could be translated a little better Friday the 13th than some like to admit.

Everyone always says: “Never forget where you come from”. When it comes to Friday the 13thbut it seems we are just as guilty if we forget where we have gone on, even if that path leads us The last Fridayat this point we can probably feel less guilty about forgetting. Slasher Stans defends an unfairly overlooked sequel forever forgotten

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