Spouse supports for divorce from lying husband who sold cat to stranger

Members of a popular internet forum were shocked after a devastated pet owner revealed how his beloved cat ended up in the possession of a stranger online.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITeA**hole, Redditor u/famousfiend9595 (aka the original poster or OP) said her husband recently got angry at the cat’s presence and revealed how his hasty actions left him at home without a – and without a spouse.

Captioned: “[Am I the a**hole] for kicking my husband out after he sold my cat?” The post received more than 10,000 upvotes in the last day.

“My husband and I have been together for 2 years,” OP began. “We had a beautiful cat named Molly that he had no problems with until recently.”

The original poster went on to explain that her husband was suddenly annoyed by the cat’s mere presence, saying they were taken aback by the sudden change of heart and couldn’t help but ask why it happened.

The original poster also said that after learning her husband’s true feelings toward cats, it was clear that something – or someone – had to go.

“I’ve responded to his complaints and asked why he’s bringing it up now that we’ve had the cat for a year,” the OP wrote. “He left [and] started screaming that he “tolerated” the cat because he loved me and that he couldn’t bear to teach me that he hated cats.

“So I agreed to give [the cat] to my cousins ​​as I knew they would take great care of them… he seemed on board and I trusted him,” OP continued. “The next morning [the cat] was gone.

“I originally thought she escaped or ran away until my husband told me he sold her … to a random person on Gumtree,” OP added. “I was angry and kicked him out.”

Pets are an important part of people’s lives around the world and in some cases are treated like an extra member of the family.

But not everyone is so adoring and for some, having a pet in the house is just that and nothing more.

And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with a dislike of pets, problems often arise when romantic partners and their feelings toward animals are mismatched.

Disagreements about pets can end relationships, especially if partners already live together or plan to do so in the future. Even if a partner comes with a pet, there’s no guarantee their furry friend will be accepted with open arms, which immediately jeopardizes the relationship.

“For a lot of people, not getting along with a pet is a deal breaker,” Jessica Cline, owner of Cline Counseling and Consulting, told WeddingWire in 2018. “And if your partner doesn’t appreciate what’s really important to you, it can.” It’s best to make room in your life for someone who does.”

However, not getting along with your partner’s pet is very different from feigning interest for a year before ultimately deciding to sell the pet without first discussing it on Gumtree, a UK classifieds site.

Couple arguing over cat listing online.
Couple arguing over online listing for cat. Members of Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum were outraged after a cat owner revealed why — and where — her husband sold his beloved pet.
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Throughout the comments section of the viral Reddit post, Redditors were appalled by the original poster’s husband and his harsh, insensitive behavior and urged OP to reconsider spending another second married to him.

“Don’t let your husband back in,” wrote Redditor u/mjanne in the top comment of the post, which received nearly 11,000 upvotes. “Yeah.

“He had no right to sell anything that was yours,” they continued. “If someone is capable of that and knows how much they’re going to hurt you, who knows what else they could do.”

Redditor u/Mehitabel9, whose comment received almost 4,000 upvotes, echoed this opinion.

“That’s a solid ground for divorce,” they claimed. “Throw his shit out in the street and swap locks.”

“When my husband sells my cat after I’ve already set up a space for the cat,” added Redditor u/Charliekat1130, receiving nearly 1,500 upvotes. “I’m going to jail because it’s extremely cruel, not just to the human but to the cat itself.”

“Bring back your cat,” Redditor u/Here_for_tea_ interjected. “Sell the husband.”

In a recent update to the viral post, the original poster informed Redditors that they’ve found their sold cat and are in the process of getting her back from a shelter. The original poster also informed the Redditors that they were taking their advice.

“As for my ex-husband,” OP wrote. “I filed for divorce.

“He’s never coming into my life again,” OP added.

news week contacted u/famousfiend9595 for comment.

https://www.newsweek.com/spouse-backed-divorcing-lying-husband-who-sold-cat-stranger-1747315 Spouse supports for divorce from lying husband who sold cat to stranger

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