Star Trek: Discovery Boss Explains Season 4 Finale: “Now What?”

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 finale “Coming Home.”]

Heading to the season 4 finale are Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the discovery Crew is running out of time to save Earth and Ni’Var from the DMA. But since the foundation of the franchise is, as executive producer Michelle Paradise points out, “optimism and hope,” everything works.

The crew are able to get through to the Ten-C and explain the damage the DMA has done, and they are stopped before they lose Earth and Ni’Var – and Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) and the returning Tilly (Mary Wiseman). The Ten-C also helps save Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala), whose sentence could be far worse for going against the Federation (although it will separate him and Burnham for a while). And United Earth is ready to rejoin the Federation, reveals the President (Stacey Abrams!).

Paradise collapses the finale.

How will Michael’s experience this season shape the captain she will be next season?

Michelle Paradise: This season for us has been all about that journey of sitting in the chair. I can’t say too much about where she’s going, but I can say that asking “What’s the journey of Burnham’s captain in this episode?” was where we started every single episode for her. We see how far she’s come at the end of the final. She was obviously more than ready for the chair, but sitting in that chair is something else. Watching her grow and become a captain who not only understands how to lead in a different way – Burnham has always been a leader, but also how to lead specifically from the chair and understands the stakes of things around you that political situation, all of the things you have to deal with as a captain that you don’t necessarily have to deal with as a commander or first mate?

This season we got to know Burnham in a new way that feels super exciting to me. I love that each season we learn more about these people and them in particular, and you always want to give Sonequa new material to play with. We’re going to take what she’s gained this season and then move on, it’ll just keep adding to that.

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham in Star Trek Discovery

Michael Gibson/Paramount+

Michael and Book’s relationship has taken a major hit, but they seem to be in a good place. are you still together

I can not answer this question. That’s a mystery, but yeah, we really wanted to test them this season and given the things that have happened, how could we not? Of course it would, but they love each other very much and what we found most important in the finale was the feeling that they both really believed in what they were doing throughout the season. Neither of them intended to harm each other, so their love for each other is very strong and real and still there. The question is, of course, what now for them.

Can you tell if David will be part of Season 5?

I can not.

Tilly is back and thriving in her new position. Talk about sending them away and bringing them back like you did.

Tilly was such an interesting character on the show and she’s grown in so many ways. What a bow for Mary and you have someone like her and you are just so excited to give her all the things. Giving her the opportunity to explore different things, explore different sides of herself felt important to her growth as a character. But of course we don’t want to lose her from the show. She’s gorgeous. Sending her off was kind of like that and we never wanted the crowd to feel like she wasn’t coming back and we’re seeing her and she’s thriving. And the question for them is also what now? She’s had that experience, she’s reunited with the crew at the very end, but she clearly finds so much fulfillment in teaching. I think that will continue to be a part of her, and that’s what it means for her to keep evolving.

Tara Rosling as T'Rina and Doug Jones as Saru in Star Trek Discovery

Michael Gibson/Paramount+

I loved watching Saru (Doug Jones) and T’Rina (Tara Rosling) take baby steps towards each other and the hand holding at the end! How did you plan to build this?

I’m so glad it’s resonating. It is so sweet. That’s one of those really interesting and wonderfully magical things about casting because when we brought her in for episode 307 we had no idea [what] it would be. But the two came together on screen and something magical just happened. So when we got to Season 4, we were just like, ‘Oh my god, what is this thing that happened in 307? We need to explore Saru and T’Rina.” As actors, they really connect and then on screen they just feel magical. At the start of the season we knew where we wanted them to end up. We also knew we didn’t want it easy. It felt almost quaint in a way, like an old-fashioned slow burn to their romance. Then it was about where do we bring them together? How do we shoot these moments? How do we not make it too easy for ourselves? How do we create things for them to deepen their knowledge of each other but not make the ending in 413 obvious from the start?

We’ve seen how everything that’s happened this season affects everyone, but especially Culber (Wilson Cruz). I thought it was good that that was explored because he’s who people go to, but he also has to go to someone. How badly does he and Stamets (Anthony Rapp) need this vacation as individuals and as a couple?

A tonne. We were very interested in exploring the doctor’s idea of ​​self-healing. As you just said, how does the person assigned to heal others take care of themselves when they’re in the same dirt as everyone else? When we talk about what the DMA represents in relation to the world around us, we are all in the same thing, so how do we take care of our loved ones and our friends while also taking care of ourselves? Culber felt like the right character to explore. So yes, they both desperately need this vacation. I look forward to them having it, more excited than I am on my own vacation.

I love her family with Adira (Blu del Barrio) and Adira, her reaction to “Bobcat” was one of my favorite moments in the finale.

You’re so nice. I adore her. You are awesome.

Adira and Detmer’s (Emily Coutts) friendship is one I didn’t expect, but I love it. How did that happen?

Adira’s arc this season has really found its way into the crew and found its place. Especially now that they’re separated from Gray (Ian Alexander), just physically and they’re their own person, how do you feel about that? You’re an ensign, you’re gaining experience, but how do you integrate with the crew? It was just an interesting question, who would they look up to? And Detmer seemed like a person they would look up to because she’s confident, she’s badass, she’s the pilot. But we also saw in Season 3 that she struggled with some things and that she’s really deep. As someone Adira could look up to, it felt like she was a really good person for her to look at. I thought the way they played those scenes was beautiful. I loved the end of 11. It was a bit ad-libbing with the actors’ roles, the end of that scene between them in the lounge which I just loved. I love this friendship too.

Do you make it a tradition to have Detmer told to “fly well”? Adira, pike [Strange New Worlds‘ Anson Mount in Season 2]…

[Laughs] Yes. Every season someone will tell her to do that.

Oyin Oladejo as Lt. Joann Owosekun, Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham and Emily Coutts as Lt. Keyla Detmer in Star Trek Discovery

Michael Gibson/ViacomCBS

There was this moment when it seemed like we had to say goodbye to Detmer. Was that ever a possibility?

No, we wanted her to have that moment and we wanted to convey the seriousness of what we were about to do. It felt like a great moment for her to understand that this is what she is like as a character. That’s how dedicated she is. She was representative of all of us on the ship at that moment. Everyone is willing to give anything for the common good, and if necessary, they will.

It was also a really nice moment to highlight not only who Detmer is as a person but also her friendship with Owo [Oyin Oladejo], because that moment not only lands on Detmer himself, but also on Owo, and what does it mean to be part of a family and then one of the family has to sacrifice themselves? We don’t take these things lightly. We would never want anyone to run away and be killed in battle without understanding that it gives emotional resonance and backlash to those around them.

What can you say about Season 5? Anything about a tone or a theme?

We are on. We already have some scripts. We know what we’re doing, where we’re going with it, and we’re pretty excited about it. I think it will be a lot of fun.

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