Star Wars fans don tinfoil hats to share the conspiracy theories they believe in

Since A new hope hit theaters in 1977 war of stars has inspired fans around the world to come up with their own theories. With such a large, long-standing fandom, it’s no surprise that franchise fanatics have hatched some seriously insane conspiracies over the years.

These theories range from believable to completely off the rails, but even the most absurd have a glimpse of truth. If your fandom has as much content to consume as war of stars Offers, every conspiracy is game. There are books, animated and live-action TV shows, three film trilogies, and two standalone films (three if you count the 2008 cartoons clone wars Movie). It’s fair to say that many could be true in some corner of a galaxy far, far away.

Fans of the franchise took to Reddit to share their craziest and most believable conspiracy theories. Some are obscure and some more mainstream, but all of these theories are worth discussing.

One user talked about Force Heal, a Jedi ability that allows one to heal with the power of the Force. If it was limited knowledge, it would make more sense to use it so sparingly throughout the series. We still don’t like it when it’s used as a way out of sorts The Rise of Skywalker but this helps add some credibility.

We love the idea of ​​an R2-D2 creature with a potty war of stars Teller. We can believe the little droid has a strong vocabulary given how C-3P0 responds to his beeps in the movies.

Another popular theory is that Korkie Kryze is actually a kenobi. the clone wars Character is officially Satine’s nephew, but he bears a striking resemblance to a certain Ben we know. The “Bigger Luke” theory is certainly off the rails, but who says there aren’t two Luke Skywalkers with a subtle difference in elevation traveling across the universe?

The theory that Grogu is Yoda and Yaddie’s child is far-fetched, but not impossible. It seems a bit anticlimactic as these are the only members of this species we’ve met in the US war of stars universe, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

While we appreciate the mood behind Darth Jar-Jar (it would make the hated character slightly more interesting), we have to agree that it’s transcended its welcome at this point. Palpatine is always popular, and while it’s unlikely that he was directly involved in the murder of Anakin’s mother, it’s possible that he influenced Tusken Raiders to do his dirty work for him.

This theory is sweet and admittedly not canon. We know Leia only remembers her mother for the power, but it would be nice to have a few years together.

the war of stars The fandom abounds with talented theorists, and many of them sound plausible, even the crazier ones (although Darth Jar Jar is debatable). As the franchise only continues to grow and more series and films are said to be added each year, it’s possible that some of these theories will be confirmed as canon in the future. We are excited to see what new theories there are war of stars Fans come with the next! Star Wars fans don tinfoil hats to share the conspiracy theories they believe in

Lindsay Lowe

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