Starstruck Season 3 Review: Another perfect love story

How often can Struck by the stars reenact a version of the same plot, with a few small changes here and there? Girl meets boy; or in some cases is reunited with the boy. Sparks fly. They go home together. Everything is magical. But slowly and without the happy couple noticing, the relationship begins to falter. They push each other apart. Luckily, the couple experiences a revelation just before the final episode: they are destined to be together. A few minutes before the end of the season, they run into each other’s arms – finally love.

The answer is as often as Struck by the stars want. I’m happy to watch Jessie (Rose Matafeo) and Tom (Nikesh Patel) in a romantic comedy loop because the show is so masterful and soothing that originality no longer matters. In the third season on Max Struck by the stars goes far beyond the rom-com magic we’ve come to expect – we get the same rom-com beats (the meet-cute, the reunion, the will-they-won’t-they) with some fresh storylines, that are threaded into the book mix. Struck by the stars I don’t need to do anything other than give me some banter between Jessie and Tom, but because it’s perfect (yeah, perfect!) Rom-Com series offers even more – heartbreak! Rain-Soaked Confessions! Adorable supporting characters! – more than just that.

Struck by the stars Season 3 begins like the previous two seasons: the average woman Jessie and the acting superstar Tom are together. Thank God they found each other. In a montage – another rom-com element, another “Hallelujah!” of me screaming with joy at my “television” – we see Tom and Jessie living together. Giggling brushing your teeth, cuddling in bed, that famous joke… love is real, people. Until that’s no longer the case because Tom is busy with work, now they argue more and more and the relationship just doesn’t work out.

Jessie and Tom do the hardest thing possible in the third season: they break up, even though they are both still deeply in love with each other. Mind you, all of these emotions pour out in the first five minutes of the new season of Struck by the stars. In a quick six-episode season, there’s no time to waste.

Nikesh Patel and Rose Matafeo dance together

Nikesh Patel and Rose Matafeo


Here we go again. Jessie and Tom have separated, but of course we’re all looking forward to a possible reconciliation by the end of the new season. However, this time it feels a little different. More serious. More real. In the first episode there is a jump in time by two years: Jessie has been single for some time and supports her best friend Kate (Emma Sidi), who is marrying Ian (Al Roberts). Oh, they’re pregnant too. Tom is back at the wedding – and he has become engaged to the elegant actress Clem (Constance Labbé). But Tom also kisses Jessie (fully, like on the lips!) when he sees her again. What’s up At?

At the same wedding, Jessie also kisses a new man: the funny Liam (Lorne MacFadyen), a friend of a friend. We’re supposed to hate Liam, right? He’s not Tom. Jessie and Tom are endgame. They will get married, have beautiful, celebrity babies, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Jessie and Liam are undeniably wonderful together. When Tom confesses that he is still in love with Jessie, a Struck by the stars A love triangle is born.

While the love triangle is another classic romantic comedy formula, it also finds a way to be unique in this series. The two new supporting actors – Liam and Clem, along with Jessie and Tom – are incredibly likeable. (Is that a love square? Rom-com geometricians, do your thing.) Clem, a French actress, has the coolest haircut ever and finds a way to add charisma to every conversation. Liam is a dumb everyman. You work so well with Tom and Jessie. A love triangle is one thing – but when you make it seem so incredibly unsolvable, you create a new beast. Usually it’s pretty easy to choose #TeamJessie or #TeamLiam. Not this time. Until the last minute of season three, I still wasn’t sure who Jessie should choose.

Nikesh Patel and Constance Labbé hold hands in “Starstruck”

Nikesh Patel and Constance Labbe


But the love story isn’t limited to Jessie and her romantic prospects. The most endearing story of camaraderie is actually told between Jessie and Kate, who remain as close as ever despite both being at very different stages in their lives. As Kate prepares to become a mother, Jessie stays by her side. “Will you tell me all your secrets when the baby is born?” Can I tell the baby all your secrets?” Kate asks Jessie towards the middle of the season. It’s a subtle moment, but as we all move forward in our lives, aren’t we always worried about outgrowing our friendships? A rhetorical question – the answer is yes, and Struck by the stars know, that.

Although Struck by the stars will always remind me of New Year’s Eve celebrations – in the first season, Jessie and Tom meet at a New Year’s Eve party – and Seasons 1 and 2 were both released in the spring, in the third part the series has become a perfect autumn story. While rom-com lovers flock to the sweaters and cozy vibe When Harry met Sally And You have mailthe third season of Struck by the stars also has that unmistakable, dazzling autumn feel. The characters wrap themselves in blankets and sweaters for a bottle episode in a fireplace-lit cabin. There is a dramatic scene in the rain. The score’s iconic piano beats also seem like they come from a cozy café in October.

Rose Matafeo with her arms around Lorne MacFayden as he holds a bowling ball in

Rose Matafeo and Lorne MacFayden


That means: be careful Struck by the stars Now, because the show takes place at the most intimate, cozy and relaxing time of the year. Season 3 elevates the gentle autumn mood while introducing a captivating love triangle. Struck by the stars feels as alive as the most popular romantic comedies; But at the same time, Matafeo’s series and its leading actress continue to reinvent themselves. So the question isn’t really, “Who will Jessie end up with?” Instead, we’re asking, “In what new way will this happen?” Wethe audience, “Falling in love with Jessie again this season?”

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