Stormy Daniels proves she has a big heart by giving a Trump troll advice on how to get rid of ‘evil forces’

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Stormy Daniels prolonged her goodwill by recently advising a donald trump Supporters on how “evil forces” can be removed as they blasted the adult film star a day before the former US president’s planned self-indictment.

For context, the Manhattan grand jury indicted the 76-year-old for trying to keep Daniels silent about their alleged affair by paying her $130,000 with the help of his former attorney, Michael Cohen. Trump is due to be arrested this week for his alleged involvement. The father-of-five’s indictment news has caused such an uproar among his supporters that many have posted negative comments about Daniels on the internet.

An example occurred on April 3 when a Twitter user @travishfund tried to claim that the consequences Trump is now facing were due to Daniel’s “evil powers” as they retweeted a tarot reading post she shared on her social media account nearly two years ago. In the upload, while showing their unwavering support for Trump, they said: “These are the forces of evil working against President @realDonaldTrump. God bless President Trump! God bless MAGA! We will prevail! TRUMP 2024!โ€

In response to @travishfund, rather than admonishing the person, Daniels decided to promote her “handmade palo santo candles” and seemingly urged the social media user to get one to eliminate “negative energy” around them . She said, “Thanks for reminding me! I still have a few of these handmade Palo Santo candles for sale! They smell wonderful and clear the room of negative energy.โ€

In addition to eliminating negative energy, Health Line reports that another known benefit of Palo Santo is that the product can reduce stress, inflammation, and pain. When fans saw Daniel’s post, many praised her back for the gossip.

One person said that Daniels’ screen “never gets old”.

At the same time, another Twitter user mentioned that Daniels was “killing it” with her comments as she slammed Trump supporters one by one.

A third person even went so far as to call Daniels’ Twitter page her “biggest inspiration.”

One social media user mentioned that Daniel’s suggestion of using Palo Santo to clear the negative energy in Trump’s supporters might not be enough to get the job done.

Although the Twitter user badmouthing Daniels would dismiss the star’s advice because they claimed so weren’t into “witchcraft” The damage seemed already done after the legion of support Daniels received at her post. Internet excitement aside, Trump is reportedly set to be arrested in New York on April 4. Stormy Daniels proves she has a big heart by giving a Trump troll advice on how to get rid of ‘evil forces’

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