Study shows that long periods of sedentary life and high-sugar diets are more harmful to men’s health

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A landmark study from the University of Missouri School of Medicine found that short-term lifestyle changes, such as B. reduced physical activity and increased sugar intake, which can affect the response of blood vessels to insulin.

Notably, the study found that men and women responded differently to these changes.

What is vascular insulin resistance?

Vascular insulin resistance is a trait commonly observed in individuals with obesity and type 2 diabetes. It contributes significantly to vascular diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

Study design and participants

Researchers led by Dr. Camila Manrique-Acevedo examined 36 healthy young men and women.

As part of the study, participants were subjected to reduced physical activity for 10 days and their step count was reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 steps per day. In addition, participants were instructed to consume six cans of sugary soda pop daily.


Although it is known that premenopausal women are generally less likely to suffer from insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease than men, the study aimed to examine gender responses to sudden lifestyle changes. The study found the following:

Only in men, a 10-day period of a sedentary lifestyle and high sugar intake resulted in decreased insulin-stimulated leg blood flow.

Men also saw a decrease in a protein called “adropin,” an important biomarker of cardiovascular disease that also plays a role in regulating insulin sensitivity.

Significance and future research

This research represents the first evidence to suggest that short-term poor lifestyle choices can lead to vascular insulin resistance in humans.

In addition, it is the first study to document gender differences in the development of vascular insulin resistance, particularly in relation to changes in adropine levels.

Manrique-Acevedo wants to investigate how long it takes to reverse these vascular and metabolic changes.

She is also interested in a more comprehensive assessment of the role of gender in the development of vascular insulin resistance.

The study was published in the journal Endocrinology.

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Further information on the topic of wellness can be found in current studies Vitamin D supplements significantly reduce cancer death ratesand results show that this type of exercise can slow bone aging.

The research results can be found in Endorcinology.

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