Succession Season 4 premiere fuels the search for Burberry bags

Consumers can find the perfect bag to stash flats for the tube and a lunch bucket, in the words of Tom (Matthew Macfayden).

The Season 4 premiere of “Succession” not only boosted the ratings but also the search engines.

After a viral scene in which Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) shadows Greg’s (Nicholas Braun) date Bridget, played by Francesca Root-Dodson, the search for the “ridiculously roomy” bag in question has skyrocketed.

During patriarch Logan’s (Brian Cox) sad birthday party, Tom slams Bridget’s Burberry tote bag shut.

“What’s in it anyway? Flat shoes for the subway? your packed lunch? I mean, Greg, it’s monstrous,” says Tom. “It’s gigantic. You can take it camping. You could push it across the floor after a bank job.”

Via Yahoo! Searches for the official Burberry Medium Title Vintage Check Two-Handle Bag, which retails for $2,890, increased 310 percent, according to Google Trends data provided by 3DLOOK, a virtual fitting room company. Subsequent searches for “Burberry handbag” increased 180 percent, with “Burberry bag” up 25 percent.

“I wouldn’t go as far as saying there isn’t bad publicity, but it does show the tremendous impact showbiz can have on consumer trends,” Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and chief commercial officer of 3DLOOK, told Yahoo. “Tom’s sharp tongue might just have brought some extra sales to Burberry. After all, most of us use the subway.”

Honey and Spice author Bolu Babalola tweeted that “Succession” creator Jesse Armstrong told a London audience during a test screening that he had asked members of New York’s elite to choose the “most obnoxious bag a woman could bring to something like this” in order to set the scene.

“Succession” is scheduled to end after its current fourth and final HBO season. Macfayden admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that playing Tom was “great therapy” because he could be “terribly embarrassing playing Tom and not Matthew.”

“The closer we got to the end, the more final it felt,” Macfayden said, “and I trust Jesse and his team to decide how to aim high. It would be terrible to keep dripping, you know?

While the series’ packaging was “kind of awful,” he teased that the finale was “a happy ending.” I think it works.”

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