Succession’s Eili Harboe and Arian Moayed comment on the series finale, Stewy’s Future

We are fast approaching the series finale of successorand before the episode Stars aired Eili Harboe And Arian Moayed share their thoughts on the ending of the HBO show. In an interview with MovieWeb, Harboe emphasized how excited she is for this weekend’s series finale and what fans think of the conclusion of the story. She even reveals that most of the cast members weren’t even sure how successor ended up reflecting on her journey as Ebba on the show. As Harboe explains:

“I’m looking forward to the finale being broadcast. There are many theories and it was interesting to hear and read how people think the show will end and how it all comes together. I was excited to get to know myself. Being part of Succession was amazing. It was my first international project ever and I got the role two days before the first scene was shot. I just had to get started but didn’t have time to really delve into it. Also, the episodic scripts are continuously written during the shooting. So there were even people in the main cast of “Succession” who didn’t know how this story was going to unfold during filming. When I was shooting the first episode, I didn’t know that Ebba would be part of the story in the future.

Harboe also recalled what else she valued about the time she spent at work successor.

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“I was so excited to be part of more episodes and had the opportunity to shoot in New York. I enjoyed working with the crew. Obviously they are super professional. I was also very excited to work on the 35mm film show, which I haven’t seen since my first feature film 12 years ago. The technical aspects of it, just watching it, is like going to film school.”

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The succession is coming to an end, but what about Stewy?

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Arian Moayed also shared his thoughts on what will become of his character Stewy Hosseini. Moayed reckons Stewy will always bounce back no matter what, and the actor goes on to credit series creator Jesse Armstrong for the character’s development over the course of the series.

“I think Stewy will always be okay. He will never get hurt. I think he will always be after that money. I think what’s amazing about what Jesse is doing?” [Armstrong] What Stewy has done is that he represents nth-tier capitalism, a capitalism that values ​​money over friendship. Well, he’s honest and he’ll tell you that. “I’m going to make money more important than friendship.” But in a way, he represents that kind of unvarnished capitalist greed. And I think that, unfortunately, there will be men like that for a long time to come.

The last episode of successor will premiere on HBO on Sunday, May 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET. You can stream past episodes of the series on Max.

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