Summary of Summer House Season 7 Episode 11: Don’t spiral… Seriously, don’t

Last week’s episode summer house ended with Danielle Olivera Scream into a pillow while having her heart-to-heart Karl Radke. But no fear! The conversation of former flames turned besties actually gets better from there. Thanks to careful listening and responses from both sides, the pair have a productive conversation about the drama brewing between him and Danielle Lindsay Hubbard. And the state of Lindsay’s relationship with Carl. And Danielle’s concern about how fast she’s moving. But in the end, they can embrace it and everything feels great… for a moment.

You love a pity party!

Reenter Lindsay from the left of the stage, ready to blow all the good vibes to pieces. She’s drunk from her night out, and HubbHouse doesn’t like to hear it Carl peace made Danielle. How… ever. You’d think she’d be happy about every step in the right direction. Instead, she is angry at Carl for not attacking Danielle and siding with her in their feud. As Lindsay herself explains, everything was supposed to be about her and Carl should have lined up to support her.

The argument is particularly interesting considering it’s the first on-camera fight we’ve seen from the perfect couple all season. But also as Carl switches off visibly, Lindsay is a dog with a bone and just won’t let go of the topic. To the point where I was wondering if she really wants to make up with it Danielle at all? At least she does NOT want to hear Carl see Danielle’s point of view. She wants him to have an opinion, but only if it’s the opinion she want him. And while their argument is overheard by several members of the house behind closed doors and without lights, the next morning everything is perfect again. It’s like nothing happened at all.

A testosterone boost

Meanwhile, the romance continues to heat up Samantha Feher And Kory Keefer. Actually the winter house F-Boy is now so involved in the show that he even gets his own confessionals. And honestly, his big personality is just the jolt the show needed. Not only does Kory help balance the overwhelming male to female ratio in the house this season, but he immediately gave us another storyline to focus on by targeting the newcomer. I won’t lie, I’m kinda here for that. Why wasn’t Kory here the whole time?

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It’s weird being a woman

In the midst of the main drama between Danielle, Lindsay, And Carl, Amanda Batulatries to give us a kind of B-plot. I didn’t even mention it in my summary, but last week she did some sort of DIY fertility test with the help of Paige DeSorbo And Cia Miller. It involved a little finger prick and mailing blood samples to a lab – everyone did the test together.

And while amandais and paige‘s) results come back relatively normal, Ciara is the one who expects an unwelcome surprise. According to the online test, not only was she able to go through menopause before the average age of 51, she also has less than the normal amount of eggs for her age. That’s not the news she wanted to hear. Also, the mystery of Amanda’s fertility and hormone issues remains unsolved for now.

A broken three-legged stool

After a game of overly intense military-inspired games planned by Chris Leoni, Carl downloaded Danielle to his fight with Lindsay. Of course, he blamed himself for not conveying their previous conversation well enough to his girlfriend. Carlito, this is not your fault. And in the middle of their chat – prompted by Kyle Cooke — Lindsay interrupted, and the conversation escalated into a world war that still matters.

As Danielle And Lindsay go one more round Carl visibly shut down again. Kyles Attempts to stand up for Danielle (“she literally only wants her best friends to see her”) fall on deaf ears. Lindsay is both completely defensive and extremely accusatory. And in the end, Danielle walks away in tears, ready to hit a wall. The further these two go down this path, the less I feel like they can come back from it.

The Ring (2023)

The weekend is coming to an end, despite the multiple bumps Danielle, nothing will derail the RadHouse train. Exhibit A: mid-week, Carl goes to a nondescript jewelry store somewhere in New York City to pick up the package. Contains the giant ring he intends to use to propose to him Lindsay. What could happen…next week?


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