Summer House Martha’s Vineyard Episode 2 Summary: The Coming of Phil

Summer house Martha’s Vineyard Episode 2 is here and it’s about balancing healthy holiday activities and conflict.

At dinner we pick up on the last episode. To recap: Silas Cooper was not enthusiastic about his new wife, jasmine I stay out for hours Jordan Emmanuel, and Jordan stands up for her character. The situation resolves itself. Yay! This takes us back to the house and we see a spotlight on the Coopers’ marriage and relationship. The newlywed dynamic isn’t particularly entertaining, but we’re excited about the arrival of Phil and Shanice.

A healthy vacation

The next day, kayak fan Amir LancasterShe dates Jordan, but she faces “stress” and has no stress. She needs something to drink. If Amir had planned this for Jordan, he would have brought her a road drink and did all the paddling. But he’s testing the waters, so how does he know what she likes?

It’s bowling night and Milo the Dachshund is here! bowler champion, Bria Fleming is in her element and takes the time to ask if her boyfriend can come over last week. This should be progress as a point of contention last week was that she had not asked about her dog. Nobody looks happy, but they said they are, so let’s move on.

Maria Torres surprises everyone with a lunar mass. The mood is WTF? Yet everyone is fascinated by it. She enlightens us about her hoodoo practice. How are you? Well, people are themselves and it’s not being received the way it’s intended. Mariah says herself that she doesn’t usually do this for groups – I don’t know why she’s surprised when everyone leaves without the positive attitude it should bring. If 30-year-olds are not approached, they have to be sold. Otherwise, it’s like high school biology class.

Nick Arrington Apparently he DMs everyone and is admittedly flirty. In Nick’s words, “How else are you supposed to get to know someone if you don’t say anything.” If Shanice Henderson She looks like she just finished her workout. Nick’s first impression after all the flirting is that she doesn’t look like she does on Instagram. Nick, most people don’t do that. For the record, she is, but toned down, and the person you would sleep with at night if she was interested. Cut, no interest.

Shanice is ready to show up. She had me until she said she was about to pass out. The ladies flock to talk about the men. Jasmine hasn’t figured it all out since she’s been married 2.5 seconds, but the other ladies are single and don’t know who they like yet. You are looking for BDE.

When the vineyard begins to turn

On the way to the door, Mariah says she’s staying – she’ll join them at the club. She hasn’t gotten over her feelings from the previous night and decides it’s best to keep her peace. But before everyone can part, she shoves towels in Bria’s face and says the clean dog towels go with her towels (she doesn’t think dog towels belong in the dryer – said dog owners never do). Mariah’s motto for this season was, “Don’t start without it won’t be one,” but who’s going to start now? It says, “If she wants to come and improve my feng shui.”

How about taking responsibility for your own feelings? She’s good at crying Preston Mitchums Poor, and obviously Mariah doesn’t feel like herself. I hope she gets better soon.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Bria is quite upset with her friend Shanice for abstaining from the drama, but a gunshot distracts Bria and then she’s fine??? As this happens, Phil pulls up at the house, throws the door wide open, and Milo lets him run through the house. He tries to find his room, but his room is actually Nick’s room.

On to the club. It’s a bust, but hey, make lemonade out of lemons. When Phil shows up, he throws the doors open like a gunslinger in a saloon. Followed by “Hi, I’m Phil…I…shit in your bathroom” to Nick. Two seconds later, and now who’s toasting the unit? Not now! All are a bit too bright and the mood is bad. The night ends at 12:45 and what are we left with? Half of the group is tired of the drama and the other half is still talking about literal shit. It’s about to start again.

Summer House Martha’s Vineyard airs Sunday nights on Bravo.


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