Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Search Party Guide to the Mysterious Park

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest in a long line of Mario platformers, but introduces new stage types that deviate from the traditional precision jumping and crushing of hapless Goombas. One of these new guys is Search teamwhich allows you to freely explore an area to find five hidden coins Miracle brands, and claim a Miraculous Seed. The W2 Fluff-Puff Peaks Search party level, called Enigmatic parkcan be difficult, but we’ll show you how to find each coin and claim the seed.

W2 Fluff-Puff Peaks: Mysterious Park Search Party

As always with a search party, the search party phase takes place in a closed area. You’re free to explore, but the five Wonder Tokens won’t necessarily be visible – and if they are, it’s not always clear how to reach them. Usually you have to trigger a hidden block to find them, but the blocks are not hidden from everyone. For example, some blocks are only visible to Peach or Luigi, so Search Party mode is intended to encourage teamwork as different characters can see hidden blocks. However, any character can hit the hidden blocks if they know where to do so. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, we will assume that all hidden blocks are invisible to you.

Here’s how to get the tokens. They are listed in the order from left to right that they appear in the token display at the top center of your screen.

Wonder Token 1: Triggers a hidden block near the entrance

Miracle Token 1
Miracle Token 1

Right next to the entrance to the main area you cross a short bridge. About halfway through this bridge, you can jump to hit a series of hidden blocks (visible to Peach and Nabbit) that will trigger the coin and act as a platform to reach it.

Wonder Token 2: Push the pipe into the underground area to find a hidden trigger block

Miracle Token 2
Miracle Token 2

This is probably the most difficult coin at this stage. To find it, locate the moving yellow pipe in the underground area and move it between the two pillars as shown. This will position it so you can hit a hidden block (visible to Yellow Toad) that will release the coin.

Wonder Token 3: Bring the yellow pipe to the background area

Miracle Token 3Miracle Token 3
Miracle Token 3

Near the Wonder Token 1 location, you will see a platform just below a yellow pipe. Move this pipe to a background area where you can easily reach it.

Wonder Token 4: Drop the gap on the right

Miracle Token 4Miracle Token 4
Miracle Token 4

Near the Wonder Token 5 location, you’ll find a gap on the right that looks like a death pit in the usual platforming stages. Just jump or slide down the wall to find the hidden coin.

Miracle Token 5Miracle Token 5
Miracle Token 5

Wonder Token 5: Hit the hidden vine block to get there

You can actually see this coin clearly if you go into the background for Wonder Token 3, but it’s not obvious how to reach it since it’s so high in the sky. To do this, simply go under the platform as shown and jump to hit a hidden block (visible to Luigi) which will trigger a vine to climb up and grab him.

Once you’ve collected all five Miracle Tokens, the Miraculous Seed will appear in the middle of the upper area, allowing you to grab it and complete the stage.

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