Supportive wife for going out to dinner with future in-laws

The internet has defended a woman for going out to dinner with her future in-laws.

In a now-deleted post made on Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum, a woman shared her story with the “AITA” community to see if she was wrong. The viral post had 4,000 upvotes and 650 comments.

The Redditor briefly explained that she will marry her boyfriend of five years this fall. She also stated that he has a very close relationship with his parents, while she and her future in-laws had “minor arguments” over things, especially money. Although the Redditor and her fiancé both love to travel, they blame her, not her son, for the money they spend.

Do you think your in-laws could be ‘toxic’? According to Fatherly, some signs to look out for include your in-laws being “overdramatic” about things and having “controlling” tendencies. Often, toxic in-laws have a hard time respecting boundaries and are incompatible with their moods.

woman angry at dinner
A Redditor visited Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum to see if she was wrong about going out during dinner with her future in-laws.
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She assured readers that she was saving big, had great jobs, and owned an apartment.

One day, the Reddit user and her fiancé were cooking at his parents’ house. For the food they prepared, they bought some expensive ingredients.

She wrote: “His parents came in and started criticizing us for buying it, then turned to me and called me irresponsible. I told them to mind their own business and left.”

“My fiancé wrote me that it was rude of me to leave. He came home a few hours later and said that while he disagreed with his parents, he would side with them and not disagree to keep the peace.

“I was really shocked that for me your new family is my priority over your old family and I need to know that my future husband has my back no matter what. I told him we were putting wedding planning on hold, which upsets him and he says I’m overreacting,” she concluded.

Other members of the Reddit community were quick to defend the woman in the comments.

“Ask him why ‘keep the peace’ with them means screwing up the peace with you, and why is he okay with that? Why should YOU agree to this? [Not the A**hole],” u/zldapnwhl received the top comment with over 9,000 upvotes.

“It’s not an overreaction. Sounds like his parents are curious and critical and he told you that he will always take their side. [Not the A**hole],” added u/mdthomas.

U/HegoDamask_1 wrote: “[Not the A**hole]. Until he can stand up to his parents, it was right to put on the brakes. They will continue to interfere until he puts them in their place. If he’s not ready for that, you need an exit plan.”

“[Not the A**hole]. His parents treat you like children and he is content to let them. He can’t be a good husband if he’s too concerned about being a good son,” exclaimed u/Narrow_Map4950.

“You’ve seen your future by marrying him,” said u/Charles Muskrat.

“[Not the A**hole]and that’s a red flag,” warned u/circusmonster4. Supportive wife for going out to dinner with future in-laws

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