Tamra Judge Says Shannon Beador Was “Really Nasty” Ahead Of Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 17 Premiere

Tamra Judge hasn’t stopped talking since she left Real Housewives of Orange County. Now that she’s back, she has even more to say. Tammy Sue has previously complained about issues with former bestie Heather Dubrow. It may or may not be for a storyline, which remains to be seen.

Now Tamra says she couldn’t handle it Shannon STORMS Beador at the start of filming. Also, the water is wet and Tamra’s fight with Shannon isn’t breaking news. But don’t worry, the Dos Amigas will be back in action just in time for the premiere. Shan and Tam have provided an update.

Friends with benefits?

Tamra began, “You [Shannon] I was really sick. It was two years of groundwork, that was it.” And let’s not forget that both Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson were pretty sore as the orange tree wobbled, Shannon snatching her fruit while Tammy Sue and Vicki scraped through the dirt for a seed. Basically the ladies were dead, Shannon kept her job when they iced over.

Shannon and Tamra’s journey back to friendship was not an easy one. Shannon said: “It was about the most unsettling thing. It was really nasty.” Luckily, going back to their old relationship was like riding a bike after 50 years, everything came back naturally. Tamra added, “We fixed it, we moved on. It wasn’t more than an hour before we were back where we were.”

Amiga #2 shared Tamra’s opinion. “When we finally reconnected, it was like no time had passed.” And now we get to the part where Tamra starts to question her life choices.

Shannon continued, “I mean, I literally talk multiple times a day, every single day.” Am I the only one who remembers Tamra complaining about having to talk to Shannon every day — multiple times a day? But Shan wasn’t done yet.

“It shows what a real friendship we had. Best friends for almost 16 years I think.” Tamra and Shannon also showed the universal mark of BFFs by sporting matching RHOC jackets during the interview.

Don’t forget to catch Tamra’s return to the OC! Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo on Wednesday, June 7th.

TELL US – Do you think Tamra will regret getting close to Shannon again? ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY SEASON PREMIER?

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