“Taurus” moves effortlessly between rock star cliche and considered character study

It’s difficult to capture the self-destructive spiral of fictional musicians on film without falling into cliche. And yet, bull manages to pull this without missing a beat.

With Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly, as rising rock star rapper Cole, bull is a frontal attack from the opening image. In addition to serving as executive producer on the project alongside writer-director Tim Sutton, Kelly contributed much of the music – a fact that not only adds an extra layer of authenticity to this moral fable, but also ensures that all creative transitions flow smoothly the screen arise feeling grounded in reality.

Feel like a fly on the wall documentary rather than having any sense of solid structure, bull is a 70 percent mood piece supported by a few stripped down vignettes, scenes supported by a seemingly random construction that oddly complement the more elaborate elements necessary to provide narrative direction. From the cliched drug-taking to an overly elaborated tantrum, this film is not only captivating but also full of pathos.

Much of this can be attributed to Baker channeling the spirit of a young Nic Cage around him Wild at heart Phase that conveys a simmering inner turmoil amidst unpredictable bursts of creativity. With a fleeting appearance from Megan Fox as his ex-partner Mae, who performs before storming out, bull feels alive and essential in a way only cinema can.

In this world of temporary connections defined by social media, Cole is destined to shine bright before he burns out. His level of creative freedom spills over into a life completely controlled by Ilana, his personal assistant. Maddie Hasson does an excellent job of playing this stubborn male child, as he drank excessively on substances and believed his own press.

As much as audiences will know what endgame Cole is headed for, the musician/actor remains captivating throughout. There is real anticipation during his scenes in the recording studio, which is caught on camera. Raw, untapped energy at this level, which is both unpredictable and oddly alluring, makes it possible bull to build emotional mountains of small melodies to create something unforgettable.

Image via RLJ Entertainment
Image via RLJ Entertainment

Aside from Baker and Hasson, who form the central relationship in this allegorical fable, other actors in the ensemble get little insight. Scoot McNairy (monster) makes a fleeting appearance as a member of Cole’s management team, while Ruby Rose (bat girl) looks cool babysitting him in a UV-inspired nightclub set-piece. Almost everyone else can contribute moody looks or the occasional dialogue before exiting nonchalantly.

bull is a sensory cinematic experience that evokes a totally subjective response, rather than evoking a collective opinion like almost every other film. Baker’s commitment so fully to the premise of rock star excess has led some people to believe that there is minimal acting, that life emulating art somehow makes portraying a suicidal rock star easier for an actor , when they may have gone through something similar .

Although there could be an argument to support this theory, Baker deserves a defense in this case. Walking instinctively instead of leaning on technique has been the throwback for Nic Cage throughout his career. With an unchecked charisma chip and wild enthusiasm, Cage has tackled leading roles, won Oscars, and footed inflated tax bills through sheer work ethic and willpower.

He was never less than authentic in any role, even if these characters weren’t always carefully crafted. However, it was never about the raw materials that were handed to him, but rather how he managed to mold them into something memorable. It’s a method Baker seems to reflect bullinhabits this figure and embraces it with both hands.

Not only does this supremely powerful performer look insanely alluring on screen, but his legacy adds a touch of pathos following these acting choices. Whatever the audience’s take on these credits, there’s no denying that Machine Gun Kelly’s deeply personal passion project has something powerful to say about the public.

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