Teenager beaten up for tantrum at crab restaurant Sister asked to leave for years

A teenager has been blasted online for throwing a tantrum at a seafood restaurant his sister had been asking for for years.

Posted on Reddit’s popular r/AmITeA**hole forum, a mom using the username u/CrabLegsandPrime shared her story to get opinions from the “AITA” community. The viral post has over 11,000 upvotes and 4,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began her story by stating that her 14- and 16-year-old daughters are on the same dance team and recently won a competition. To celebrate, the OP’s father wanted to take her out and take her out to dinner.

The OP’s eldest daughter has been asking for years to go to a seafood restaurant that serves unlimited crab legs, but as it was very expensive they couldn’t go.

“She immediately suggested this restaurant,” the OP wrote, “my dad liked the suggestion. My younger daughter suggested going to her favorite restaurant instead, a local Mexican restaurant. We have been there many times as it is much cheaper. Knowing this would be a missed opportunity, I said that the older daughter’s suggestion made more sense because we were in a place we had never been.”

Teen is upset about a seafood restaurant's decision
A mother talks to her daughter. In a popular Reddit post published on the r/AmITeA**hole forums, a teenager was beaten up for throwing tantrums at a seafood restaurant where her sister wanted to go there for years.
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When the decision was made, her youngest daughter argued that she didn’t want to serve anything. However, the restaurant served more than just seafood. Although the OP ordered steak, her youngest daughter’s favorite dish, she said she wasn’t hungry and the restaurant “smelt funny.”

During the meal, her eldest daughter was delighted. The youngest just poked around at her dinner and was very antisocial even when the OP’s mother tried to talk to her about the competition. At the end of the dinner, the OP’s father had everyone choose a dessert to go, except for the youngest, as she was “clearly not hungry”.

The Redditor wrote, “I asked my dad to leave her alone and he did, but she was already upset. When we got home I tried to talk to her. I explained that this is a rare opportunity and that sometimes we have to let someone else have something nice. I told her I could have taken us to the Mexican restaurant this weekend. She said it’s not the same because the restaurant we go to on the night of the competition is special and we went somewhere she wasn’t like.

“I pointed out that she didn’t know she didn’t like it because she hadn’t tried it. She said I know she hates seafood and that the restaurant is known for its seafood, so of course she wouldn’t want to go there after a special event.

“She was annoyed all Monday and Tuesday but calmed down on Wednesday. This morning she asked if we were going to the Mexican restaurant tomorrow. I said not this week because of her behavior, but we’ll see next week. I’m not happy,” she continued.

The OP asked the “AITA” community if they were “too hard” on her.

news week contacted u/CrabLegsandPrime for comment.

Valuable lessons every teenager should know

What teenagers learn from their parents or other prominent figures in their lives can help them in their adult lives.

Here are some valuable lessons every teen should know, according to momjunction.com.

  • Prioritize your health
  • stand up for you
  • Earn and give respect
  • To be responsible
  • Observe and learn from mistakes
  • Do not give up
  • Being unique is good
  • Stick to your principles
  • Outgrowing people is normal
  • Show gratitude
  • stay humble
  • Don’t hesitate to apologize
  • Stand by moral instincts

Redditor reactions

“[Not the a**hole] You’re teaching her a valuable lesson here. Too many people seem to have the mentality that “when I’m done being angry and moving on, you all have to do the same”. As if her mood elevation absolves her of any responsibility for her actions while pissed off. (A classic tactic in my house growing up),” u/Castle_of_Aaaaaaargh wrote in the top comment, receiving over 22,000 upvotes.

U/Daligheri wrote: “[Not the a**hole] And next time, can you invite me to dinner? That sounds amazing. Steak or crab legs are both amazing. Your youngest threw a tantrum like she was 5. Every point you made was correct. Take advantage of the rarer opportunities. It’s not favoritism, and you offered to go to the Mexican restaurant later. Damn, I’d love it if we went to McDonald’s. Just mention there’s food involved somewhere and I’m baited.”

“[Not the a**hole].. I think you handled it perfectly and you are right; not everything revolves around them. It focuses on being a seafood restaurant when there is more than just seafood. She’s clearly angry that she just didn’t push through. I think you’re good,” emphasized u/amartin1890.

“[Not the a**hole] She will learn that she can’t get what she wants anyway. But maybe you’ll soon find an excuse to take her to her favorite restaurant because that’s not entirely unexpected behavior,” suggested u/Olthar6.

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