Texans call for more funding for domestic violence services

The Purple Postcards campaign collected thousands of signatures this term in support of full funding for domestic violence services.

AUSTIN, Texas — Domestic violence survivors, attorneys and lawmakers gathered Thursday morning at the Texas State Capitol to advocate full funding for domestic violence services this legislative session.

The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) has collected signatures as part of its 2023 Purple Postcard Campaign. The TCFV said the campaign engaged thousands of Texans who digitally signed purple postcards and urged lawmakers to allocate more funding to emergency resources.

According to TCFV, nearly 10% more domestic violence survivors were denied accommodation last year due to capacity issues. For that reason, the council said it is raising the need to keep shelters and services open so they can support more survivors.

Among those attending Thursday’s event were Gloria Aguilera Terry, CEO of TCFV; State MP Toni Rose (D Dallas); Sonia Corrales, associate executive director of the Houston Area Women’s Center; and Bella J. Rockman, a domestic violence survivor.

at the event, State Assemblyman Josey Garcia (D-San Antonio) shared that she is a domestic violence survivor herself.

“I’m proof of what a small investment in human life can do,” Garcia said.

The group met Thursday at 8:30 a.m. in the House Press Room at the Capitol.

Several bills were tabled at this session that would support survivors of domestic violence. These invoices include:

  • Senate Bill 409 And House bill 1739, which state that a victim, a victim’s guardian or a close relative of a deceased victim can assert and enforce their rights orally or in writing. In addition, they may request to be kept informed of evidence and court proceedings
  • House bill 1796which would offer protection to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and their families
  • Senate Bill 806which would require peace officials to connect victims of sexual assault, human trafficking and related sex crimes with services and inform them of their legal rights at their earliest interaction
  • Senate Bill 819which would allow a victim, a victim’s guardian or a close relative of a deceased victim to be represented in criminal proceedings by legal counsel to represent them, advise them on legal rights and authorize them to participate in the proceedings participate and take part

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