The 10 Best Anime Similar to “The Seven Deadly Sins”

Fans of since 2014 The seven deadly sins experienced a major emotional rollercoaster as Meliodas and the gang fought to clear their name. While the popular anime is actually over, a spin-off, Four Knights of the Apocalypse comes in October. Will that be enough to fill the gap? Some fans aren’t so sure. One thing is certain: Percival, to whom Meliodas passes the baton, seems to be a worthy protagonist.

However, even after that Four knights, more shōnen adventures are still needed. There’s nothing better than a young protagonist leading his friends into multiple battles and emerging victorious. That’s why this list shows similar anime shows The seven deadly sins is necessary. It will serve to keep the momentum going and introduce some exciting new anime characters that are sure to delight you.


Kiznaiver has a unique plot that would pique the interest of any otakus. The miniseries also only has 12 episodes, which makes for really exciting binge-watching. Kiznaiver takes place in the summer in a futuristic world. A group of teenagers are invited to experiment to promote world peace. However, the experiment is pretty ghastly and connects the teens’ pain receptors together. So when a “Kiznaive” gets hurt, everyone connected feels it. Of course, things spiral out of control soon after.


HunterXHunter is one of the most recommended anime of all time, especially for beginners. The series follows the lovable Gon Freecss as he dares to become a hunter and in the process finds his father, one of the best hunters in the world. On his journey he befriends other aspiring hunters and together they face a variety of challenges along the way.


Magic and experimentation collide Dorohedoro, an anime about a somewhat dystopian city where evil magicians live. The city, called “the Hole,” is a hotspot for wizards who experiment on innocents, leaving them severely disfigured. When Kaiman finally possesses a reptilian head, he teams up with the full-human Niakidou to hunt and kill the sorcerers and restore his original appearance.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Would it even be a list of determined protagonists if Edward and Alphonse Eric didn’t show up? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood follows the now iconic duo as they set out to restore their physical bodies after a failed experiment. It remains one of the most critically acclaimed anime of all time, with a captivating plot, brilliantly written characters, and incredible action sequences.

YuYu Hakusho

YuYu Hakusho is another anime that deals with correcting previous mistakes. When a young delinquent, Yusuke Urameshi, is killed trying to save a young girl, he is given another chance at life. However, he must continue to work as a ghost detective and make new friends in the spirit world to prevent demons from constantly wreaking havoc.

Cowboy Bebop

With only 26 episodes Cowboy Bebop is one of the most fulfilling anime to enjoy. Similar to The seven deadly sinsThe legendary anime is about a group of underrated heroes who band together to defeat the actual criminals. Cowboy Bebop is widely hailed as one of the best anime ever. Between the writing style, action and funky music, there is more than enough to keep you entertained.


marauder ventures into the territory of a psychological thriller in its 24-part series. The anime is set in a dystopian world where a person’s life is linked to a “count”. When the “number” reaches zero, life is sent into the abyss. But a young girl named Hina soon discovers that the world she lives in holds many dark secrets.


InuYasha is an older but highly appreciated anime about an epic adventure. When Lagome Higurashi is transported back in time, she meets a half-boy, half-demon named Inuyasha. Although they initially clash, they set out together to search for the pieces of a very powerful jewel. They encounter many obstacles along the way and must rely on each other to get through.

Fairy tale

The seven deadly sins And Fairy tale are thematically quite similar. The former is a magical story about a group of aspiring high-level wizards enrolled in the titular guild. Together, these wizards train and become stronger, face many challenges, and stick together through everything.


Set in the dystopian year 2126, Overlord is an isekai anime that follows Momonga, an office worker who logs into an old game for the last time. However, things take an unexpected turn when, instead of being logged out, he is transported to an alternate reality. Now he must set out with his players’ guild to see what this new world has in store for them.

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