The 10 most inescapable traps in the horror film franchise

The Seen Movies seem incredibly stupid moral dilemma. The series constantly reminds us that Jigsaw is not actually a serial killer. Even if he is 100%. The characters constantly claimed this because John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, doesn’t actually deliver the killing blow to the unfortunate souls who find themselves in one of Jigsaw’s traps. Instead, Jigsaw puts the decision on the victim. Only, that’s a load of nonsense.

Jigsaw’s credit includes him and his apprentices a lot of effort into the traps. Creating deadly traps for certain victims, giving these victims a chance to escape and change their lives. However, not all traps actually have an escape route or are at least incredibly difficult to escape. With that in mind, here are the most inescapable traps of all Seen Franchise.

10 Horsepower Trap – Saw VII (2010)

Saw 3D Car Trap (1)
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Ripping tape, glue, or even a band-aid off your skin really hurts, right? So of course Saw VII implements this idea in a terrible trap. Imagine waking up in a car, your bare-backed gorilla stuck to the seat, and your job is to break away to live another day and save the lives of your friends, their fate entirely in your hands lies .

Yeah, well, we’ve already lost before this trap can begin. If you bend forward even slightly, layers of your skin will peel away, which looks excruciatingly painful. Additionally, it would be difficult to muster the strength and momentum to dislodge yourself from the car seat, let alone in a short period of time.

9 The Needle Trap – Saw II (2005)

Saw II needle trap
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Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, is an incredibly common fear. But even those who do not suffer from this fear will undoubtedly suffer from this discouraging trap. In a pit full of broken and unsterile needles, you must find the one key that can grant you freedom. Your chance of surviving and finding the key is very slim, not to mention the agony of crawling through broken glass and needles.

8th Silence Circle – Saw VII (2010)

The Circle of Silence - Saw 3d
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While it’s not impossible to escape the Silence Circle, it sure looks painful. In the trap, the victim sits in a chair, strapped down with a straitjacket, sharp metal bars aimed at his neck, and a cord attached to a hook hanging in his stomach. The purpose of this trap is to have another person pull the cord out of the victim’s stomach. It seems difficult enough. However, add that the metal bars impale the victim’s throat if the victim raises the volume of their voice above a certain level (hence the name of the trap). An impossible requirement.

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7 Pound of Flesh – Saw VI (2009)

Pound of Flesh - Saw V
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This trap of Saw VI forces his victims to use their own flesh by any means necessary to balance the scales. You can cut off your leg, arms, fingers or any other part that you think weighs a lot. With that said, not many are actually willing to split off their own body parts, although it’s not impossible, the trap requires a lot of willpower.

6 Reverse Bear Trap – Saw VII (2010)

Reverse Bear Trap - Saw 3D

The Reverse Bear Trap is by far the best and most famous trap in the entire franchise. Appears in the very first Seen film, it was an integral part of the franchise in almost every cinematic sense. When we first saw the reverse trap, it was actually one of the easiest traps to escape, but over time Saw 3D: The Final Chapter rolled around, it had become inevitable. In Seen in 3D, before one of the series’ most iconic yet incredibly bizarre twists, John Kramer’s wife Jill Tuck is placed in a chair with her hands tied and has the trap placed on her head. The key is nowhere to be seen and there is no way Jill can get her hands free.

5 Angel Trap – Saw IV (2007)

Angel Trap - Saw
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Jigsaw’s apprentices tend to design and build traps that are impossible to overcome. An abuse of her power and something the Jigsaw killer never believes in. John Kramer always gave his victims a chance to escape. A painful but guaranteed method of survival. In Saw IIIAmanda was the first of Jigsaw’s students to create an inescapable trap. Canonically speaking, this isn’t entirely true, especially because of the franchise’s infamous flashbacks. But it is the first time that we, as viewers, witness an inescapable trap.

The trap suspends its victim in the air, with a machine impaling and clamping their ribs. A jar of acid hangs near you and has a key on the bottom. The task seems simple. Get the key to free yourself from this trap. Only the key is just a few centimeters out of reach, a deliberate intention to kill his victim. There is no chance of escape and all you can do is accept your fate.

4 Water Cube – Saw V (2008)

Saw V – Water Cube
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Victims who fall into this trap have no way of escaping and their chances of success are reduced to zero. The poor victim who wakes up in this trap will find his head encased in a large glass box that is quickly leaking water. The glass is bulletproof and there is no way to break it. This trap is only intended to kill. However, if by some miracle you possess one, a pen, and two deeply impressive survival skills, then there is still hope for you. But otherwise we are afraid to say that there is no chance of escape.

3 The Pendulum – Saw V (2008)

The Pendulum - Saw V
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In one of the more elaborate traps in the entire franchise, this horrific trap was created for Detective Mark Hoffman to seek revenge on the man who murdered and abused his sister. This trap dates back to when Hoffman was working under the tutelage of John Kramer, and Hoffman created this elaborate trap to frame Jigsaw for the murder. The Pendulum is one of the many inescapable traps in the franchise, and even if you do what’s supposed to free you by crushing your hands, the pendulum won’t stop lowering until it paints the walls red.

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2 The Venus Flytrap – Saw II (2005)

Venus flytrap - Saw V
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Could you ever imagine having to gouge out your own eye with a scalpel? Yes, neither do we. But Saw II brings our nightmare to life in this terrible yet quite simple trap. All one has to do is retrieve the key lodged in his eye to release the ruff from his neck before it closes and crushes and pierces the victim’s skull. This is another trap that isn’t necessarily impossible, but it does require a lot of willpower, and the time Jigsaw allows is certainly not long enough.

1 The Barbed Wire Maze – Saw (2004)

Barbed wire saw
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The original Seen features some of the simplest yet most iconic traps in the entire franchise. Especially compared to some of the elaborate traps later in the series. One of these was the barbed wire maze trap, in which the victim had to weave through layers of hanging razors to find the exit before time ran out, closing the door and trapping you forever. However, with so many razors and how little time Jigsaw allows, there’s no way to get out alive. They will either bleed to death or be trapped inside, waiting to die of dehydration and starvation.

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