The absolute disaster of a marriage proposal ends with her boyfriend suffering third degree burns

Even if you’re very nervous about proposing to your significant other, you can imagine that the worst thing that could happen is that they say no. But his girlfriend’s response was the least of one man’s worries after a disastrous surprise proposal ended with him being hospitalized with third-degree burns. You could go over your suggestion a million times in your head and I doubt you would ever predict it.

Maybe to make us all feel better about our own romantic mishaps TikToker told the story of when this shocking turn of events happened to them. User @huge.pear remembers being dragged to the park by her sister when she was 22. After getting some hot chocolate, her sister asked her to pose for photos in front of some bushes and encouraged her to step further and further back until she collided with a man crouching in the bushes. Out of instinct and fear, the TikToker threw her “scalding hot” cocoa at the apparent attacker and ran. It wasn’t until her sister stayed behind to check on the guy that she realized things weren’t as they seemed.

As the woman saw her sister crying hysterically, she realized she recognized the man’s shoes – it was her boyfriend. She couldn’t actually see his face during this incident, but apparently it was scary enough to scare her sister so much that the TikToker had to be the one who drove her to the hospital when the ambulance arrived to take him away.

How hot would the hot chocolate have to have been to cause that much damage? According to the National Library of Medicine“Studies show that a temperature of 52°C (125°F) can cause an entire skin burn within 2 minutes and a temperature of 54°C (130°F) can cause an entire skin burn within 30 minutes “Seconds.”

But I know what you’re all really wondering: Did she say yes? Well, give your best guess. One of the reasons the TikToker was so surprised by all of this, she explains, was because she had no idea her boyfriend was even thinking about proposing, as she considered herself too young to get married and they’ve only been dating since were together for a few months. So the fact that he had proposed so soon was a major scandal, and so she knew the relationship was over, even though she had “held on” during his grueling recovery, which included him “a heap.” “Skin transplants”.

There are a few lessons here for anyone thinking about applying. 1) Make sure your partner is on the same page as you about their commitment to the relationship. And 2) maybe don’t hinge your proposal on hiding in the bushes like a pervert. It’s a mistake that could literally blow up in your face.

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