The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard and Susie Evans reunite after their split

The Bachelor's Clayton Echard is reuniting with Susie Evans less than a year after their split

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard. Courtesy of Clayton Echard/Instagram

The former couple doing TikToks together? Clayton Echard And Susie Evans seem to have managed a turning point in friendship after the breakup.

“Get ready with me to see my ex,” said the former Bachelor The 29-year-old candidate said on a Friday May 12: tick tock Video as she made her way to meet Echard, also 29 Nurse’s Week Benefit Concert hosted by Operation Happy Nurse at the Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego.

“Just kidding, sort of,” she added. “I mean, we’re going to see Clayton, but it’s fine and I’m hungover, so.”

After documenting her preparation for the glamour, Evans included footage from the moment she first saw Echard on Friday. “You can’t just do that [film me]” the Missouri native joked in the video.

Evans replied: “I have to ask your permission? wow god!”

The two first met during the former soccer player’s 26th season The bachelor — teamed up for a few more TikToks together later that evening, in which they poked fun at their dating history.

The Bachelor's Clayton Echard is reuniting with Susie Evans less than a year after their split

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard. Courtesy of Susie Evans/Instagram

“When the two of you get booked on an influencer trip and reminisce about what it was like when you were together,” says Evans labeled A video of the duo toasting with wine glasses. “I realize how toxic I am for forcing you to do this and find it funny.”

The wedding photographer and Echard announced in September 2022 that they had split after dating for six months. (The couple got back together shortly after Bachelor Finale when Evans left after Echard revealed he slept with other finalists Gabby Windey And Rachel Recchia.)

“Ultimately, I felt like we both knew we weren’t a good match, and I think he was able to express to me that he didn’t think it would be good to keep in touch,” Evans said exclusively Us weekly in December 2022. “So we don’t really keep in touch. But he sent me a really nice message, I don’t know, a month ago – and it brought me to tears.”

She added at the time, “It was really nice for him to say, ‘I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me in our relationship and I’ve been able to think about it and I’m just really grateful.’ for the friendship we had at the end of the day.’ And that meant a lot to me.”

After 180 degrees The author reopened the lines of communication, as he revealed exclusively Us where they stand.

“Is there any chance in the future that this could happen? [again]? We don’t know,” Echard said Us in February. “But we can’t stay together any longer because we have nothing left to give. It was hard. It’s really difficult to be there when you feel like it’s out of your control. And you make the decision, but ultimately you feel like the decision was made for you almost from the outside.”

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