‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters’ Recap Episode 8 Ending – Grade It!

The Best Man: The Final Chapters brought out the laughs (and plenty of tears) as his core group adjusted to the curveballs thrown their way.

In the eighth and final installment of Peacock’s limited series, The Beloved Ensemble learned that the key to healing and moving forward is finally letting go of the past. For Lance, that meant accepting that life might not have turned out as he planned, but that he could still build a different and hopeful future with his family.

The finale began with a throwback to the retired NFL star with Mia (Monica Calhoun repeats it again Best man Rolle) in the hospital shortly after the birth of LJ. In the present, Lance sat at Mia’s grave on their 20th wedding anniversary asking for advice on how to deal with LJ.

He mismanaged that last conversation with his eldest child (who turned out to be non-binary) and now they were gone. Lance frantically searched for LJ, concerned that they might be dead and that he was failing as a father. He eventually caught up with LJ, who took refuge in a church that welcomed members of the LGBTQ+ community.

LJ spoke about connecting with her mentor, Pastor Calvin, and finding love and acceptance in this church. Lance apologized for not showing up like he should have and told his firstborn that he loved her.

Nia Long in The Best Man: The Final Chapters.Meanwhile, Robyn and Harper decided to divorce after realizing their lives were going in different directions. At a wealth sharing meeting, Harper learned that Robyn was planning to sell her home and move to Ghana with her daughter Mia. Angered, he surprised Robyn by filing for custody of Mia. This led to a shouting match in front of her friends, in which Harper called her a “fake African Kunta Kinte” and Robyn referred to him as “Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas.”

Elsewhere, Lance celebrated his jersey retirement with a grand ceremony at MetLife Stadium. Introducing his family to reporters, Lance announced LJ as non-binary and even used their proper pronouns. Lance also reconnected with Jasmine, who now worked at the hotel where the reception was being held.

Quentin, who didn’t take his first heart attack seriously, had a second scare that made him reconsider his outlook on life and take better care of his health. As an apology to Shelby for initially dismissing her concerns, he cooked a disastrous vegan meal and vowed to make better choices to be there for his family.

Harper was hell-bent on fighting to keep his daughter in America until he witnessed her give her lunch to a homeless person — an act of kindness she no doubt learned from her mother. He then gave Robyn his blessing to take Mia to Ghana and put on a brave face to send his daughter away. Later that evening, Lance, Quentin, and Murch came to his empty house to cheer him up with wings and poker.

The Best Man: The Final ChaptersAfter putting her work first, Jordan left her job with the intention of taking a step back and focusing more of her time on projects that she is passionate about. She seemed much happier when she met Harper, who had the idea of ​​moving to Brooklyn, where she lived.

Jordan took the hint and realized she couldn’t be his soft landing pad. He needed time to process his divorce and she would be there for him as a friend. If fate somehow brought them back together after that, so be it. But for now, they would just remain friends.

Two years later, Harper accepted a Pulitzer Prize for his latest novel, set in the Reconstruction Era. His friends came out to support him except Robyn who couldn’t make it as she was in Ghana. But things were much better between them, and Robyn even surprised Harper by having Mia come to the reception.

And in case you’re wondering, Lance eventually proposed to Jasmine with one gigantic Ring.

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https://tvline.com/2022/12/27/the-best-man-final-chapters-recap-episode-8-ending-peacock/ ‘The Best Man: The Final Chapters’ Recap Episode 8 Ending – Grade It!

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