The best moments when real housewives laugh out loud

In the world of Real housewives, there are countless hilarious moments. The Bravo Reality shows have their share of classic feuds, painful reunions, and drama. But it also has some hilarity, whether unintentional or intentional. And I’m not talking about some of her more interesting dress choices.

Our ladies might have an amusing drunken fall into a pile of bushes. Or she might think the Underground Railroad is a working mode of transportation. Actually, that might be more sad than funny. Some of them have one-liners that are multifunctional and can be used at times of banter or ridicule, and we’re grateful for that.

Let’s take a look at some fond memories Real housewives keeps us in suspense and makes us laugh between the theatrical performances at the dining table.

Real Housewives of the Potomac / The Grand Dame, Karen Huger

Real housewives of the Potomac star Karen Huger didn’t show much of her natural sense of humor in Season 1. Karen focused on “Potomac etiquette” and taught the younger women to respect their elders. But as filming progressed, Karen softened and began to reveal just how pleasantly funny she really is.

Season 6 Episode 12 was a time when our world changed and we had a new normal. The Covid outbreak required us to stay home, dress up and get vaccinated. karen did her job as a dutiful citizen. But she may or may not have had an adult celebratory drink to acknowledge her new impenetrable immune system.

karen visited a Pretty shady event and she may have been quite tipsy as she advised everyone to get “VASSINATED” so she can “be around you heifers.” The RHOP The production team needs credit here too, I wish they could edit my life in real time. The editors absolutely get the joke and they NEVER let us down.

I would also like to add Karen’s A wig that blows away at a cookout will always be hysterically funny. Candiace Dillard received an award that day for her prayer efforts and the command to hold the wig on Karen’s head with her bare hands.

Real Housewives of Atlanta / Phaedra Parks Baby Shower

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks was best known for her Avenger-like ability to read people for dirt. She was also known to get fired for sometimes getting her mouth ahead of her paycheck. But there’s no denying that Phaedra is one of the funniest Real housewives in the history of the franchise. That said, here we’re just focusing on her… baby shower.

Imagine it, Season 3 Episode 4. It was 2010 and we were all still innocent babies in the woods. Phaedra was preparing to bless the world with royalty, and nothing would do but an over-the-top baby shower. There was a dress code, and there was Dwight Eubanks. Kandi Burruss described the scene as “boughetto” and I’m still shocked that guests weren’t required to show ID upon arrival. The entire event was an exercise in complete side-eye amusement. Phaedra’s co-stars could hardly contain their laughter and shock as they were treated to a choreographed dance number. Phaedra’s head was adorned with white roses, not actually in a crown, but they did not look carefully placed and hung for their lives.

There are several items that deserve to be ranked as one of the funniest. The party itself provided endless eyebrow-raising moments, but the real stars are the comments from Phaedras Occupation.

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Real Housewives of New York / Ramona Singer

OK, I know earlier Real Housewives of New York upstairs Ramona Singer isn’t usually rated for being particularly amusing. But she falls into our “unintentionally funny” category. In Ramona’s case it’s unintentional because half the time she spoke I was never sure she knew what she was saying.

Once, ramona attended an event with her accomplice, Sonya Morgan. Sometimes, when Sonja drinks, wait. EVERY time Sonja drinks, her personality expands into more than what the Upper East Side can handle. Sonja felt offended and strolled towards Ramona. “Someone just gave me the side eye,” she revealed. Poor, possibly hearing-impaired, Ramona replied, “Cyanide? Won’t that kill you?” In Ramona’s defense, she wasn’t wrong.

Obviously it would be too typical to include it ramonas famous runway walk in this article. It lives in shame like other big dates in our history calendars. So let’s reflect on an interesting conversation she had with Bethenny Frankel. During one of her funnier altercations with Bethenny, Ramona advised that they’re like “oil and vinegar” because they “don’t go together.” She wanted to say “oil and water,” but at least she gave Beth some nice salad dressing tips.

And if you’re trying to recover from a tough breakup or possibly a job loss, I’d invite you to scan RHONY Season 11 for ramonas training ensemble. If that doesn’t make you laugh, you might want to call your local emergency room without rushing. Love her or hate her, Ramona was a huge part of it RHONY – and depending on the interviewee, also the reason for the rejection.

Real Housewives from New Jersey / Juicy Joe Giudice

Have you ever tried saying Juicy? Joe Giudice 10 times in a row out loud to yourself? If not, I recommend this tongue twister exercise. Juicy Joe is gone Real housewives from New Jerseybut he is definitely not forgotten.

If you consider what we as viewers are dealing with now, in hindsight maybe yeah wasn’t that bad. I know he called Teresa Giudice The C-Word and the couple went to jail each other for cheating on the government. But at least he didn’t give off the dark vibes that most of us feel Luis Ruelas. And he wasn’t wearing his father-in-law’s night-night clothes.

Anyway, yeah was a funny guy, but not intentionally funny. His ex-wife isn’t very entertaining either. However, she makes up for this with her lack of knowledge in certain areas, thereby making them funny. But Joe took the cake with some of his more memorable conversations Teresas Cousin, Rosie Pieri.

There was once yeah And rosie tried to help Gia Giudice with her homework. Although Gia could say that “help” wasn’t the right term. Joe and Rosie discussed the benefits of being famous for picking fruit from trees. “I pick figs all the time, but I’m not famous,” Rosie explained at the time.

They also reflected on the wonders of science and discussed the importance of Pluto as a planet. Joe then revealed that he didn’t know the difference between mythology and astronomy as he wondered about the status of the planet Hercules.

And who could forget when yeah And rosie further immersed in the world of medicine? Joe inquired about the current potency of his balls for a conversation about the fine art of human reproduction. Little did Joe know then that biological males don’t have eggs to conceive a baby in. Bless Joe’s heart. I like to think that in an alternate timeline, Joe and Rosie are still best friends.

Real New Jersey Housewives / Caroline Manzo’s Children

I wanted to capture a grossly underrated scene from the old days of RHONJ. I know Caroline Manzo is not very popular with many, but their adult children had some really humorous scenes. Although I will never forget it Lauren Manzo questions Teresa To spell AND define “napalm” in the Season 4 reunion, today we’re going to be discussing something else related to Teresa.

Tre had written a cookbook called. Fabulous. Somewhere in the complex text, an insult was intended Caroline. Teresa had said Caroline was “as Italian as the olive garden.” Caroline was not content with this union, and neither were her two sons and her daughter. I cannot recommend Season 3 Episode 16 enough. If you want a few snappy moments aimed at Teresa, that is. Much like Teresa’s line in the book, I’m sure she would think this was a “ha ha laugh funny got it?” Scene.

As Chris Manzo, Greg BennettAnd Lauren On the way to a charity walk, they began tailing both of them Teresa And yeah In one shot. Chris says, “Things Joe Giudice doesn’t say when he leaves the house, ‘is that legal?’” Greg wonders if Teresa is already coming to the event drunk or drinking on the go. Lauren taunts Tre’s efforts at writing books with, “Besides Skinny ItalianI’m going to write a book about charity walks.” Chris steps in: “It says Walking Italian because I’m very charitable.” Lauren continues, “I’m going to write a book about my relationship with my sister-in-law called Jealous Italian.” And finally, Greggy adds, “I called a SAT prep book Stupid Italian.” Please just stop what you’re doing and find that comforting moment when you’re having a bad day.

So that was the first part of our Laugh Out Loud moments and we know there are many more to come. Stay tuned!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images]

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