The bride supports booking the same wedding venue as the sister

Members of a popular internet forum were quick to defend a woman who revealed how a “bout of actual pettiness” led to her booking the exact same wedding venue as her sister.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITeA**hole, Redditor u/Any-Description-2013 (aka the original poster or OP) detailed her tumultuous relationship with her sister and explained how their intersecting engagements still remain more inflamed family turmoil.

Captioned: “[Am I the a**hole] because I purposely booked the same wedding venue as my sister (but earlier) so I could get married there first?” The post received almost 6,500 votes and 800 comments in the last day.

“My sister and I don’t get along,” OP began. “I can be honest and admit that she’s a lot prettier than me and she never lets me forget that.”

“Both my parents are pretty shallow and always gave her their best and put her first,” OP continued. “It made me quite bitter and distant from my family.”

When she wrote that her boyfriend of five had recently proposed, the original poster said she was “over the moon” about her engagement – until, coincidentally, her sister got engaged immediately afterwards.

“It didn’t really bother me, other than being a minor annoyance since my parents were happier and involved in their engagement,” the OP wrote. “[But] What really blew me away was when my sister told me she booked her wedding in my dream location.”

“In a fit of genuine pettiness, I ended up booking the same venue a month before my sister’s wedding,” OP continued. “I checked with the venue and there’s no way my sister can bring the wedding forward … and if she changes venues, she’ll lose her deposit.”

“Apparently my sister is very upset and my mom said the least I could do was try to find something,” OP added. “I said no, but my mother said I was a [a**hole] for not even trying to listen to her and for being so stubborn and petty.”

Securing a wedding venue — with or without added family drama — can often be a contentious experience. And since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, booking the perfect wedding venue has only gotten more difficult.

As strict lockdowns and capacity restrictions forced many to cancel or postpone weddings in 2020 and 2021, wedding venues have since faced a seemingly endless stream of engaged couples that have encircled 2022 as a year her Year.

With countless venues fully booked through 2023, Brides reports couples have had to make tough decisions, including midweek weddings and trimming huge guest lists down to medium-sized celebrations.

Upset sisters sitting on couch apart
Members of Reddit’s r/AmITeA**hole forum joined forces to support a bride-to-be who said her sister tried to steal her dream wedding venue from her.
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Despite the numerous pandemic-related obstacles associated with booking a wedding venue, Redditors who responded to the viral post defended the original poster’s decision to book the same venue as her sister, acknowledging the poetic justice of the entire situation.

“I see how wrong it would be to book the venue after you know she has. But she booked ‘her’ venue first,” wrote Redditor u/Princess_pgymy_puff in the top comment of the post, which garnered more than 9,000 votes. “She knew you wanted to get married there. Why would she even book it?”

“She seems very self-centered and her parents encourage her,” they continued. “Why would you give up your dream for someone? Not to mention someone you don’t even like.”

Redditor u/J3ebrules, whose answer garnered more than 2,500 votes, praised the original poster for its pettiness and suggested a nickname for her sister.

“That deserves an award for justifiable pettiness,” they commented. “Princess Golden Child and her entourage can stuff it…[not the a**hole].”

“I would go with you [not the a**hole]’ repeated Redditor u/Snoo_41753. “You got engaged first, you had talked about getting married there so she knew you wanted it, and [tried] to call it first.”

In a separate comment, which has garnered more than 1,300 votes, Redditor u/ClumsyBartender1 compared the original poster’s actions to her sister’s and offered some advice for the upcoming nuptials.

“You were going to book this venue for the wedding anyway,” they wrote. “Sure you booked the earlier date out of spite, but I find it hard to believe your sister didn’t do the same.”

“I also hope you don’t plan on inviting any of them to your wedding,” they added.

news week asked u/Any-Description-2013 for a comment. The bride supports booking the same wedding venue as the sister

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