The bride was killed in an alleged drunken accident just hours after the wedding and was “so happy,” says her husband

The groom, whose wife was killed hours after their wedding when they were hit by an allegedly drunk driver, told him the last thing she said.

“The last thing I remember was wanting the night to never end,” Aric Hutchinson told Good Morning America on Friday. “That’s the last thing she said to me.”

In an interview with the morning show, Hutchinson recalled the final moments he spent with his wife Samantha Miller before she was killed on April 28 almost immediately after they left their reception in a golf cart.

“She was so happy. I mean, planning a wedding, as most people know, is extremely stressful. And she just had an odd calm that night,” he said.

Hutchinson was seriously injured in the accident that occurred April 23 in Folly Beach, South Carolina. The driver who allegedly hit her, 25-year-old Jamie Komoroski, has been arrested and charged with three counts of drunk driving causing serious injury/death and one count of involuntary manslaughter Online Prison Records.

At the time of the accident, Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was at least 0.261, more than three times the legal limit, and she was driving at a speed of 65 miles per hour, according to an affidavit cited by a local news outlet KOA TV.

In a statement to HuffPost, Komoroski’s defense attorney, Chris Gramiccioni, urged that there should be no rush in the sentencing process.

“We cannot understand what the families are going through and we express our deepest sympathy. All we ask is that there is no hasty verdict,” said Gramiccioni. “Our court system is based on the principles of justice and mercy, and that’s where all the facts come out.”

Hutchinson said he wished he remembered the accident but recalled waking up in the hospital to his mother breaking the devastating news that Miller had been killed.

“I’m still trying to understand it. “That night when we went from an all-time high to an all-time low, it’s kind of hard to understand,” Hutchinson told GMA. “We had family and friends from all over the country – everywhere – and everyone was just so happy. she was so happy It was [one of the best nights of my life].”

A GoFundMe drive raised more than $700,000 to help pay for Miller’s funeral and medical expenses for Hutchinson and two relatives who were also injured in the accident.

“I was presented with Aric’s wedding ring in a plastic bag at the hospital five hours after Sam put it on his finger and they read their vows to each other. “Aric has lost the love of his life,” his mother, Annette Hutchinson, wrote on the website GoFundMe book page.

On Wednesday, Aric Hutchinson filed a wrongful death lawsuit, naming Komoroski along with several local spots where she allegedly “bar-hopped” all day. The lawsuit also names her employer, Taco Boy, who accused a supervisor of organizing an event where workers drank excessively on the day of the accident.

in one opinion In responding to the lawsuit on Facebook on Wednesday, Taco Boy denied any employee role involving alcohol and said Komoroski did not set foot in the restaurant on the day of the accident.

“On the day of the accident, Friday April 28, 2023, we can confirm with absolute certainty that Jamie Komoroski did not enter Taco Boy, nor did anyone on our team serve alcohol to her in the restaurant,” the statement said. “We confirmed this by reviewing 16 hours of video footage from multiple cameras, conducting employee surveys with all employees that day, and reviewing all purchase receipts.”

According to the statement, Komoroski has also been released since the crash.

“Miss Komoroski had recently been hired by Taco Boy and had only been training for two days prior to the accident. She passed her background check and there were no red flags to indicate she was not suitable for employment,” the statement said.

The lawsuit alleged that Komoroski drank at several bars on the way to Folly Beach, and although she was noticeably intoxicated, the bars allegedly continued to serve her and then allowed her to leave the bar and drive.

“The state licenses restaurants and bars for the privilege of serving alcohol, and with that privilege comes a responsibility to the community to serve patrons responsibly and to refuse service to those who are visibly intoxicated,” Hutchinson’s attorney said Danny Dalton makes a statement.

According to GoFundMe, Hutchinson’s brother-in-law, Benjamin Garrett, was taken to the burns ward, where he underwent surgery to treat severe rashes and open wounds. Hutchinson’s injuries included two broken legs, fractured facial bones, a fractured vertebra, a brain hemorrhage and multiple stab wounds.

Aric Hutchinson after the crash.
Aric Hutchinson after the crash.

“There are still many details we do not know about the sequence of events that led to the tragic crash, but by filing a lawsuit we can begin the legal disclosure process that will allow us to obtain the answers.” that Samantha’s family deserves,” said the Hutchinson family attorney. “In this case, it’s about protecting our community from drunk drivers, and an important part of that effort is making sure the establishments we trust with alcohol licenses live up to their responsibility to serve alcohol responsibly.”

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