The British producer of The Traitors promises ‘Totally Different’ season 2

With the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, one might expect the US to be looking for better reality TV options. On the other hand, there isn’t even a writers’ strike in the UK and they’re hitting the spot with their reality TV offerings. The traitors The UK version clinched a big win at the BAFTAs, even taking home the Best Reality award.

Viewers of Peacock’s US version of “The Traitors” criticized the series for being too faithful to the original in its challenges, such as the “Buried Alive” stunt. Viewers also criticized the show for adding already-established reality stars to the mix.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Traitors UK has appealed to just about everyone who has seen it. The awards speak for themselves. Fans love the mafia-like formula and Claudia Winkleman’s presenting talents. It’s only natural that everyone is longing for Season 2 now.

Season 2 of The Traitors will offer new twists

Mike Cotton, the show’s producer, spoke along The sun, which hints at what viewers can expect from season two. “It’s going to be completely different in the second season,” he said, “like all good crime novels. Everyone now knows how to play the game. We have to turn it on its head.”

Changing a competitive show’s formula for each season is a common reality TV tactic. The producers always try to keep things fresh. Mike promised new twists and reassured everyone that “there’s a lot more we can do.” [the show].”

On the other hand, Claudia said that maybe it would be better to finish on a good note. She said she “suggested that the producers leave it at that — it’s quite nice to walk away and be done, to which they said, ‘Are you sick?'” Claudia’s attitude is classy from an artistic point of view, but from a business point of view ? Well, it’s clear why the producers made that choice.

TELL US – WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU EXPECT IN TRAITORS SEASON 2? Do you think things are getting better or was CLAUDIA right in wanting to end on a high note?

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