The Bunkhouse Boys are (almost) ready to ride again as fans talk about their most loved and loathed characters


Nice Monday, yellowstone fans; We’re a day closer to the premiere of Season 5 of Paramount’s number one series and an inch closer to the beautifully told story of the Dutton family. With romance, drama and sacrifice on next season’s menu, things are getting hot for our favorite cowboy family. Before we embark on a dramatic season, we’ll enjoy the time between seasons where we can dream of the future we hope for while keeping showrunner Taylor Sheridan’s war far from our minds. Rather than thinking of our characters as pawns, we think of them as perfectly crafted storytellers that we love and hope will stay with us for years to come. So kick off your weary work boots, grab your favorite drink and let’s drive in to hear this yellowstone news of the day.

The Bunkhouse boys get ready to ride again

A fan favorite of the yellowstone Puzzle is the magic of the Bunkhouse Boys. The ranch workers who have made a home at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch know the importance of their jobs and their work. Every step they take means something to the Dutton family, and they’re never really “off the clock.” They have a job that requires them to be “on” and ready to go into battle at all times.

This makes for many profound moments on the ranch. It also creates a space for colleagues to become family, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. The Bunkhouse crew is hilarious as well yellowstone realized that fans wanted more from them. YouTube has episodes where three of our favorite Bunkhouse boys give fans insights into the series, characters and storylines that we can’t get enough of.

Ian Bohen shared a behind-the-scenes video of the return of the Bunkhouse boys on YouTube, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that their next video will be added to the platform soon. If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see the future antics of Bohen, Jefferson White and Denim Richards – here’s to more laughter!

Fans talk about the characters they love and loathe

Another great piece of the yellowstone Puzzle is how fans can connect with the characters on screen. You love her, hate her and want to be her – depending on the day. Characters from Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler to Colby and Teeter draw fans from around the world, but some are significantly less “popular,” and not just because of the length of their appearances in different episodes.

Some characters are just less popular than others, and that makes sense. A good series can strike a balance between lovable characters and characters who are almost made to be disliked.

When a Reddit user pointed out that they weren’t big fans of Laramie, several fans quickly agreed.

This user asked if anyone even likes her.

Some viewers would be happy about a future yellowstone without Laramie.

We don’t blame Laramie for everything that happened between Walker and Lloyd, as they both made poor choices throughout their fight and storyline, but we do recognize her role in it all (and we have to admit; personally, we think so them kinda awful).

This fan pointed out that it seems her character was created to be unlikable, which makes sense.

While some characters in the series inspire contempt, nobody seems to infuriate viewers quite like Laramie.

Yellowstone Rewind: Season 2, Episode 3

“The Reek of Desperation” is the title of the third episode of the second season, and its title makes sense. There’s an ingrained desperation in the hearts of every single character on the show. They are all working toward something, trying to protect something, and praying that their heart’s deepest desires will soon be within their reach.

We see Kayce experience the ups and downs of his new role on the farm, where he returned after his wife asked him for a seat. Or rather, told him that it was necessary for her. Fans also spot Jamie bowing his head and asking to be part of the family again – at which Beth laughs almost maniacally, causing another of her infamous table disturbances.

Monica Dutton is away from the ranch enjoying a new job while continuing to recover from her devastating injury; She is the only one who seems unharmed from the episode. However, it’s not hard to see that she’s still struggling to love Kayce and needs to be away from him.

Desperation, as said, makes sense and encapsulates the underlying tensions throughout the episode. No one on the ranch is thriving to the fullest, and it will take a long time for any of them to work through their demons.

You can continue yours yellowstone Rewatch the first four seasons of Peacock. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the two-hour televised event on November 13th. We can’t wait to get back to the ranch. The Bunkhouse Boys are (almost) ready to ride again as fans talk about their most loved and loathed characters

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