The Company You Keep was canceled after one season on ABC

The ABC series only runs for one season The company you run. Inspired by the South Korean series My fellow citizens!The series was co-created by Julia Cohen Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim leads the cast. The show premiered on ABC in February and wrapped up its 10-episode freshman season earlier this month. After weak ratings, which hit a series low with the season finale, so be it now reported that ABC canceled The company you run after a season with no plans to develop season 2.

The news came at a time when several shows have been canceled over the past week. Along with The company you runABC was also dropped Alaska Daily after a season together with big sky after three seasons. CBS controversially canceled gossip after five seasons, though they’ve since reversed that decision following an outcry from fans and star Shemar Moore. However, the network canceled both True Lies And East New York, both of which ran for one season. Meanwhile, FOX caused displeasure among fans with the cancellation of Mayim Bialiks call me kate after three seasons.

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In addition to Ventimiglia and Kim, the show also starred Sarah Wayne Callies, Polly Draper, William Fichtner, Tim Chiou, James Saito, Freda Foh Shen and Felisah Terrell. Ventimiglia also served as executive producer The company you run alongside Russ Cundiff, Todd Harthan, Jon M. Chu, Ciatlin Foito, Ben Younger, Lindsay Goffman, Julia Cohen and Phil Klemmer. It was produced by Michael Gray, Deanna Harris and Nick Paveonetti.

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The company you run has ended

The Company You Keep Milo Ventimiglia Catherine Haena Kim

The company you run Ventimiglia stars as Charlie, a con artist indebted to a crime boss (Terrell) who blossoms into a romance with a CIA agent (Kim). While Charlie is a master con artist, his Achilles heel is romance, as Ventimiglia previously explained about his character.

“He’s a professional liar! Telling the truth is a big challenge – and a consequence – for Charlie,” he said TV Insider. “His blind spot has always been romance. He wants to find love and live a normal life, but he’s not cut out for that. It’s an incredible complication.”

The actor and executive producer also noted, “[Charlie] is a criminal, but he’s a good villain. You cheer him on.”

Terrell had also subtly expressed his hope that the show would continue in season two. Terrell had hyped the season one finale and hinted that fans couldn’t wait for the show to return. That showed some optimism about receiving the renewal order for a second season from the network, although it now appears those questions will remain unanswered.

“Pretty much everything is coming to a head,” Terrell said via Treacherous TV. “Great truths are being brought to light. It’s going to be great fun. It’s just really good. I can guarantee you that once the finale wraps up, no one will want to wait months for a second season. So I’ll just do it.” Say that.”

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