The dog cries after all his friends go in when he comes out to play

A social media video of a dog feeling left out by the other puppies playing on his street has touched hearts online.

The The adorable video was first shared on TikTok on October 26th by @micaandbenji. In the footage, Benji the Great Pyrenees is seen running outside to join the other dogs playing freely on his street, only to see them turn away from him.

The video’s creator shared in the post that the pup had been watching “all the dogs on the block” running around and then stopped playing when they saw him. The poster added that Benji had to look around for the other dogs alone and smell their scents.

“Benji was looking for the dogs that were playing outside,” said Benji’s owner, who did not want to be named Newsweek.

“When my neighbors saw him coming towards them, they all left with their dogs and Benji looked for them. Benji loves playing with dogs and is the nicest dog, but people are afraid of him because of his size,” the owner added.

From left: Benji the Great Pyrenees smiles inside; and a clip of him being left out. A viral video of the dog’s “friends” walking into the house when they spot him has left the internet heartbroken.

The title of the video is: “I wish I had thought of this. He cried as he watched the last dog being brought into his home.”

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes Great Pyrenees as large, thick-coated, and extremely powerful working dogs. They were bred to deter sheep-stealing wolves and other predators on snowy mountain peaks. Male Great Pyrenees can reach a height of 32 inches.

What do the comments say?

Since being shared by @micaandbenji, the TikTok post has been liked by over 475 users and commented on more than 60 times. Many viewers expressed their sadness in the comments section of the post that Benji was excluded from the other dogs.

“They are such cute doggies,” one user wrote. Another tried to reassure Benji’s owner by posting: “We have a house full of Aussies. I wish he could come and play!”

“Awwww I want to cuddle him, it hurts my heart,” another user added.

“I think he needs a little brother or sister. This breed needs a job to love and protect all animals,” another posted.

“Poor baby he’s beautiful,” a fourth user commented.

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