The Flash season 9 photos: Is Iris pregnant in the final season? — TV questions

We have questions and you (maybe) have answers! As another week of television has passed, we’re asking questions left and right about many shows, including fire land, The White Lotus, The cleaning lady, FBI and ghosts!

1 | catch up The beginner…. Can we get a moratorium on the episodes filmed almost exclusively from body/car/doorbell camera views? Also you just knows that Lucy would use the line “Turn in your playbook” at the end?

2 | Who had “cocaine-stuffed avocados” on their gossip Bingo card season 6? And would Hondo Nichelle really let that gun fire without hearing protection?

Fire Country Fall finale cliffhanger3 | Oooh, iIs fire land‘s Bode will come back as Batwoman villain?

4 | in the The White Lotus‘ From the season finale, we know that Tanya was panicking and scared trying to get off that boat. But why, why why did it seem the best option to jump onto the dinghy from a considerable height? Couldn’t she at least have removed her shoes before climbing over the railing?

5 | What was the… “most unexpected”… performance on Sunday? National Christmas Tree Lighting on CBS: Shania Twain’s stunning/sexy “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” or Joss Stone’s swing version of “Underneath the Tree”?

6 | was someone Not more upset about all the dog shootings yellowstone than by old Emmett’s death? Did the show also make Jen Landon a regular series just to give Teeter what, one line a week? And when the hell are we going to see Jimmy again? Season 5 is almost half over!

7 | The voicewho at The voice thought it would be a good idea to give Morgan Myles such a long hit – and on stairs no less!?!

8th | On The cleaning lady, couldn’t Fiona just have said she didn’t know Luca’s social security number? (How many people actually know their nephew’s social security number?) And after Nadia killed Kamdar, wasn’t the FBI’s helicopter low enough that she and Arman could easily be seen riding away on his motorcycle?

9 | Be honest, Bake Viewers: Would you dare try Kristen Bell’s Cucumber Soup?

10 | We know Welcome to Chippendales It’s based on a true story and all, but Ray didn’t take that lightly – and then act — Steve’s assignment to burn down a rival club?

11 | In which relationship Premiere, anyone scratching their heads as to why Dana would buy a house without seeing it first? (Remember, she lives in 2016, not in today’s crazy housing market.) Do we think she even had it inspected? And is it safe to say that Dana and Kevin had the worst Tinder date ever?

12 | On FBIwhat were the chances that the drug-dealing father’s abandoned phone was standing zero Password or Face ID protection??

13 | was survivor‘s Final 3 One of the Series’ Most Disappointing Groups of Finalists? If it was up to you, who would your winner have been?

LEGO MASTER14 | did LEGO Master misunderstood this finale? Wasn’t the winning build a bit “messy”/inelegant compared to the highly polished cityscape and expansive lakefront with an aurora borealis?

fifteen | College Girls Sex Life Viewers, did Kimberly and Canaan’s romantic interest in each other seem sudden? Or did you think the writers have been planning this for two seasons? And with the full knowledge of this show’s title, you begin to wish you might not everyone friendship made by either girl would turn into something sexual/romantic?

16 | in the The game‘s second episode, who’s mad at Allison stopping by Jamison like this? And why should she think he would come back to her after what he had been through?

17 | Take a close look at one of our First Look photos from 2023 The Lightning…. What do you think of Iris holding a water glass (middle) while others are drinking wine/liquor, hmmmmmmmm?

Flash Is Iris Pregnant?

18 | After this week Fleishman is in trouble, what is the ratio of TV characters who walk into a meeting expecting a promotion versus TV characters who actually get that promotion? 10,000 to 1?

19 | We appreciate ABC’s attention to detail Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, but Josh Groban in colored contacts just felt wrong, right? Did Martin Short’s hat remind you of his look? Santa Claus 3? And that with all film sequences for the special Not recreate in live action, have they left the iconic ballroom dancing?? (What, didn’t Groban’s elaborate costume lend itself to elegant movements?)

20 | Watch after ghosts, you also said: “Oh NO…. Who’s nearby?!” as Sam started to climb the ladder? And when Eric (briefly) died, did you think for a moment the show would secretly add Andrew Leeds as the new full-time ghost?

Click on the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you want to share! The Flash season 9 photos: Is Iris pregnant in the final season? — TV questions

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