The Internet criticizes the “legitimate” boss for not speaking to the terminated employee

A post shared on the popular Reddit forum Antiwork sparked a discussion among commenters about how employees are treated after they quit.

Redditor u/elgueroguapo wrote in his post that he received 12,000 votes, they were offered a new job with a higher salary, but their boss gave them the cold shoulder after they quit. Readers have flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on Redditor’s past few weeks.

A 2015 article published by Harvard Business Review discussed what an employer should do when an employee announces their departure.

Employer does not speak to employee after termination
One Redditor said in a viral post that their employer didn’t speak to them after they quit to take a new job opportunity. Here is an archive image of a letter of termination.

Priscilla Claman, the president of Career Strategies Inc., told the outlet that the employer should have a “warm and friendly conversation about it [the person’s] Future plans.”

Claman explained that it helps to maintain professional relationships.

It is also important to understand why the employee chose a new position.

Anat Lechner, a clinical associate professor of management and organizations at New York University Stern, said information could be helpful in finding a solution.

Employers should also be willing to understand that their employee has made a choice and will move to another job, regardless of finding a way to address potential issues.

Redditor u/elgueroguapo wrote that they worked for a small company for four years, but were recently offered a new job with a higher salary and benefits.

When they spoke to their employer and asked for a counter offer, they were told they wouldn’t make as much money but should keep working for him because of an “obligation”.

“They handed in my resignation immediately afterwards and they were honestly stunned,” wrote u/elgueroguapo.

The Redditor wrote that they worked an additional four weeks after the termination.

“My boss has only spoken near me or through others for the past two weeks,” they noted.

In the comments, u/elgueroguapo wrote that they first worked for the company as an intern before being hired in an entry-level position.

“So it is his obligation that he ‘give me a chance’ and make me a competent worker,” wrote u/elgueroguapo.

Commenters expressed shock at the employer’s treatment.

“Hiring a young professional is all about taking a risk; so salaries are generally lower,” wrote one Reddit user. “It doesn’t mean they have to pay you forever.”

Another Redditor agreed with the sentiment, commenting, “Right. How wtf these people think damn it. Essentially entitled as jerks.”

One wrote it was an “immature” and “unprofessional” view of the employer.

“You gave them the same chance to teach you and they benefited from your work as well,” they wrote. “You don’t owe them anything after this treatment.”

One commenter wrote that there are “tactful ways to resign” and would burn no bridges if the company they once worked for treats them well.

“But if I get an opportunity that drastically outweighs the benefits of my current position, then I will invest my two weeks and keep my head high,” they wrote.

news week asked u/elgueroguapo for a comment.

Redditors on Antiwork haven’t hesitated to share their thoughts on other viral posts, like one about an employee sparking debate about only working the hours he’s paid for.

A post showing a hostile reaction from another employer after his employee quit his job also went viral.

Another Redditor said in his viral post that he wasn’t getting paid and decided to stop working until the issue was resolved. The Internet criticizes the “legitimate” boss for not speaking to the terminated employee

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