The Jan. 6 Committee of 19 Demands is seeking Trump in a “historic” subpoena

Subpoena Demands from the Donald Trump Committee of January 6th
Former President Donald Trump is pictured during a Republican campaign rally in Mesa, Arizona on October 9, 2022. The House of Representatives Committee on Jan. 6 formally issued a subpoena for Trump on Friday, ordering him to testify and produce a detailed list of evidence.
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The Jan. 6 House Committee issued a list of 19 demands on former President Donald Trump and formally subpoenaed him to testify about his role in the Capitol riots.

The committee noted that “issuing a subpoena to a former president is a significant and historic act” and said it “does not take this action lightly” in the document sent to Trump on Friday. The subpoena orders Trump to testify before the committee on Nov. 14, either in the Capitol or remotely.

Trump was also ordered to produce several pieces of evidence related to his activities and communications on, before, and after January 6, 2021. Attached is a list of related items that the committee says he must submit no later than November 4. schedule” of the demands.

“As demonstrated in our hearings, we have amassed overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and associates, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multi-pronged effort to overthrow the 2020 presidential election and obstruct the peaceful transfer of power.” The committee wrote to Trump.

The committee’s subpoena states that Trump “is hereby required to furnish all documents and communications” that relate “in any way to” the items set forth in the attached timetable.

Catalog of requirements:

  1. Every phone call, text message, and communication through the messaging app Signal or otherwise made or received by Trump on January 6, 2021. This includes all communications, regardless of whether he was “an active or passive participant”.
  2. All communications Trump sent, received or forwarded to a member of Congress regarding the 2020 presidential election from December 18, 2020 to January 6, 2021.
  3. All of the photos and videos related to the events of January 6, including Trump’s rally in the Ellipse, the joint session of Congress and the rioting itself.
  4. All recordings related to Trump’s communications regarding the 2020 election or the January 6 joint session of Congress from November 3, 2020 (election day) through January 5, 2021.
  5. Notes, summaries and other documents relating to communications relating to the events of January 6 “including but not limited to information regarding your possible trip to the Capitol that day”. This applies to all documents from November 3, 2020 to today.
  6. Any document or communication dated September 1, 2020 to date pertaining to the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys or similar groups or members of groups who were in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021.
  7. All communications from September 1, 2020 through January 20, 2021 that include plans to interfere with state certifications of election results or to appoint alternate voters to support Trump at Electoral College in states won by President Joe Biden.
  8. Any communication, document or social media post from November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021 concerning former Vice President Mike Pence and the events of January 6.
  9. All documents and communications related to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the 2020 Presidential Election. No timeframe was given for this request.
  10. From November 3, 2020 to date, any documents or communications regarding Pence’s role in the January 6, 2021 joint session of Congress.
  11. Any documents or communications from November 3, 2020 through January 6, 2021 concerning “Rep. Scott Perry or any other member of Congress” and voting in the Presidential election, planning for the January 6 joint session of Congress , personnel changes in the Justice Department, or “any other issue related to trying to change the results” of the election.
  12. Notices and documents dated November 3, 2020 through January 6, 2021, which “include efforts to encourage or invite individuals to travel to Washington, DC on January 6.”
  13. From November 3, 2020 to present, any communications or documents related to court filings that “may have resulted in the delay or interruption of the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021.” That claim specifically cites emails cited in court hearings related to former Trump attorney John Eastman’s lawsuit against the committee.
  14. All other communications from November 3, 2020 through January 20, 2021 involving Trump and the following: Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Jeffrey Clark, John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Boris Epshteyn, Christina Bobb, Cleta Mitchell or Patrick Byrne.
  15. Documents and communications dated November 3, 2020 through January 6, 2021 relating “in any way” to losing 2020 election lawsuits.
  16. From July 1, 2021 to present, all communications relating to witnesses who have appeared or “may be expected” to appear before the Committee, and communications to witnesses’ or potential witnesses’ attorneys.
  17. Any documents or communications dated November 3, 2020 through January 6, 2021 relating to fundraisers based on claims of a “stolen” election.
  18. All documents and notices involving or relating to “the destruction of materials which previously existed and which would have been covered by any part of this subpoena” or other subpoenas issued by the Committee.
  19. Information “sufficient to identify any telephone or other communication device” used by Trump from November 3, 2020 to January 20, 2021.

The Jan. 6 committee voted unanimously to subpoena Trump at its last public hearing last week.

Trump responded by blasting the “unselected committee of political hacks and thugs” in a Truth Social post, before sending Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the committee’s chair, a lengthy statement in which he spoke out about the Decision complained and repeated false claims that the 2020 election was “rigged” to favor Biden.

“A large percentage of American citizens, including nearly the entire Republican Party, feel the election was rigged and stolen,” Trump wrote. “The Electoral Fraud Committee did no work… Despite very poor television ratings, the Unselect Committee continued a show trial the likes of which this country has never seen.”

That said former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner news week that the former president’s response was “profoundly and sharply self-incriminating” and provided “further evidence of Donald Trump’s ongoing conspiracy to commit crimes and defraud the United States.”

Trump has yet to comment publicly on the details of the committee’s formal subpoena or the detailed list of demands he faces.

news week has reached out to Trump’s office for comment. The Jan. 6 Committee of 19 Demands is seeking Trump in a “historic” subpoena

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