‘The Last of Us’ star shoves the gay agenda squarely into fan-made ‘Barbie’ poster

Ellie and Dina from The Last of Us: Part II

Image via Naughty Dog

You might think that Bella Ramsey, the game of Thrones Alum identifying as non-binary would be exactly the star we refer to when discussing the “gay agenda.” But that is not the case. Although Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal have already been proven to be allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, it was time for another The last of us star to shine. In early February, just before the fourth episode of the series – “Please Hold to My Hand” – aired, an internet troll commented on a tweet from Bloody Disgusting introducing Melanie Lynsky, the actress who portrays Kansas City Resistance leader Kathleen on the HBO series. Lynskey was quick to end the ignorant reaction while earning “gay icon” status among fans.

In the tweet, the troll referred to Lynskey’s mere presence in The last of us as “gay agenda-pushing”. Shall we tell them about Ellie’s “awakening” in The Last of Us: Part II? No, we’ll keep that to ourselves. Rather hilariously, Lynskey replied in high spirits, “OMG yeah let me push this gay agenda by just showing up! An honor!” From that moment on, fans considered her a gay ally/icon. Kathleen’s sexuality is never explicitly mentioned The last of usso maybe there is some room for speculation?

Given the recent Barbie movie posters, which feature all the actors and provide a brief, one-sentence biography for their character, one fan took it upon himself to design Lynskey’s own poster. The image is surprisingly well edited, with Melanie Lynskey’s headshot pasted under the Barbie font, while the short bio copies the format of the Barbie Movie posters by beginning with “This Barbie is…”. For Lynskey, this Barbie is “pushing the gay agenda forward.”

The last of us And Barbie – Who could imagine a more unorthodox but extremely entertaining crossover? Even Lynskey herself approved of the poster, finding it just as hilarious as we imagine thousands of other people who liked her tweet must have it. Though Kathleen witnessed her death on the show, we can’t deny Lynskey’s intimidating on-screen presence. We definitely hope to see more of her in the future.

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