The Lord of the Rings could be the next MCU

Elijah Wood and Sean Astin as Frodo and Samwise, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

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After a short break afterwards The Hobbit trilogy, Hollywood doesn’t seem ready to let her go Lord of the rings just name it, and Amazon’s Rings of Power Series was just the beginning as far as adaptations of Tolkien’s Middle-earth go.

As fandom ponders the implications of Embracer Group buying the book rights, other sections of the high fantasy community from that other fictional world on HBO are wondering if that’s the case house of the dragon is more conservative when it comes to mundane elements like non-conventional sex scenes.

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What’s your favorite running gag from a book series or TV show?

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Since high fantasy is either inherently epic and centered around the conflict between good and evil, or grim and dark and involves realistic themes like politics and the rigors of government, it’s easy to forget that most writers aren’t there at the end of the day they just want to tell a compelling story and create unforgettable scenes for their audience. Because of this, nearly every story or series indulges in at least one running gag, and if you were to ask the community for their favorites, the list would go on and on. From taking a honeycomb to a brothel to Discworld Librarians and the Two Rivers guys feel uncomfortable around girls, you can check out some of the most memorable examples of this on Reddit.

Embracer could yet turn The Lord of the Rings into a cohesive cinematic universe

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With Amazon customization Lord of the Rings and portraying Middle-earth in live-action so thoroughly that one might think the industry mogul retained the rights to the entire Tolkien back catalog and beyond. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Full rights to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were in the hands of a company called Middle-earth Enterprises, which recently sold them all to Embracer Group, the Swedish company to be reckoned with at the moment for commercial play.

Well, according to the man who brokered the deal between Enterprises and Embracer, the latter could set Middle-earth on the same path as Marvel and war of stars are on the way. “Someone just had to have faith that this could be as ambitious as it gets,” says Thomas Dey, CEO of ACF Investment Bank. I think it goes without saying what Tolkien fans would think of this.

House fans are glad the prequel doesn’t contain unnecessary sex scenes like Game of Thrones

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According to many television enthusiasts, the old adage “sex sells” is part of HBO’s creative psyche, albeit unconsciously. For more than two decades, the producer has used gratuitous intimate scenes as a means to capture audiences and take advantage of public scrutiny, and game of Thrones has gone down as a prime example. In those early seasons, it was sometimes difficult to tell if you were watching a fantasy show or a soft-core porn show with stories and characterizations attached.

Suffice it to say that most viewers are happy about it a house has done away with the needlessly egregious nudity now that she’s wearing this game of Thrones name and the possibility of it making waves is all but guaranteed. The Lord of the Rings could be the next MCU

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