The Lord of the Rings villain we may see will be introduced in Season 2

As the second season of Prime Video’s original series The Rings of Power With filming wrapped, fans are eagerly awaiting what comes next in this new series based on the famous novel by JRR Tolkien Lord of the rings Series. The Rings of Power takes us back to Middle-earth where we met the ancestors of the beloved hobbits known as the Harfoots. The first season also introduced us to the mysterious Meteor Man, who we now know is the wizard Gandalf the Grey. And of course we met a major villain in the Lord of the Rings series, Sauron, or whatever he’s called in The Rings of Powerhalf border.

With all of that presented to us in the first season, we can expect to see more new characters introduced to us in the second season. In fact, another villain is said to have made an appearance, if only for a short time. We don’t yet know how this character will be used and how it will appear, but we can speculate.

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We can be sure that this villain will pose some kind of threat to our main characters and maybe we’ll get a chance to learn a bit more of their backstory. And who is this villain? You might shudder when you hear that it actually is. Shelob, the giant arachnid who will make her debut in the latest season of The Rings of Power.

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Rumor has it that young Shelob will appear in Season 2

Lord of the Rings Samwise Gamgee Shelob
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In the original series The Lord of the Rings, Shelob appears while Frodo and Sam are on their way to destroy the One Ring. As the hobbits travel through the mountains, Gollum leads them into Shelob’s web cave. Gollum was aware of her hiding place, having survived an encounter with her on his escape from Mordor.

He had promised her that he would bring her fresh new offerings to eat as he was skinny and not worth her taking the time to eat. He keeps his promise and leaves Frodo and Sam in hiding, also for another reason: he wants to get the ring back from the hobbits.

Upon entering the lair, Frodo uses his elven sword, Spike, to cut through the webs so the two can pass through. When they encounter Shelob, they use the Vial of Galadriel to ward them off, casting its light on them and overpowering their senses.

When they reached the exit of the cave, Shelob returned to attack Frodo, poisoning him with her sting and wrapping him in her web. The paralyzed Frodo was unable to fight back and it was Sam who came to his aid by fighting the spider, injuring it until he inflicted a fatal wound on its abdomen, causing it to flee.

her appearance in The Rings of Power will take place before this encounter and we will get the chance to meet a much younger Shelob. Perhaps in this series Sauron will realize how useful she could be to him. Whether or not he forms an official alliance with her is something we need to find out.

But we do know from the original series that Sauron liked Shelob and allowed her to stay in the mountains to enjoy the travelers passing through. She acted as a more effective guardian of Cirith Ungol’s pass than the orcs stationed there. Sauron was also known to send prisoners and servants to her when he was done with them.

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A chance to delve into the origin story of Shelob

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Although Not much is known about the early history of Shelobthere are some traditions about their origin The Rings of Power Maybe I could explore what would further connect the series Lord of the Rings. Said to be part spider, part demon, Shelob is the last daughter of a powerful and monstrous spiritual being known as the Ungoliant. Before Sauron came to power, Ungoliant allied with Sauron’s original master, the Dark Lord Morgoth, and the two worked together to destroy their enemies.

Eventually they turned on each other and Ungoliant was forced to flee from Morgoth’s army. According to lore, Ungoliant spent time in the Valley of Horrible Death, where she mated with giant arachnids and produced her own offspring, creating Shelob. Ungoliant’s fate is largely unknown, but many believe she eventually devoured herself.

From then on, the lore isn’t overly specific about Shelob’s early history, other than that she came to Mordor long before Sauron, and at that point in The Rings of Power, has probably already set up her hideout in the mountains. It’s almost certain that Shelob will make her debut in the new season by attempting to kill a poor traveler wandering into her caves.

We can also see where Sauron meets them or learns of their territory as he takes over the land of Mordor. Despite it, The Rings of Power has a unique opportunity to delve even deeper into Shelob’s character and put a familiar (but terrifying) face on the series.

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