The Mandalorian adds an SNL legend to its cast who blames Bucky Barnes for the Multiverse saga falls

Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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A fresh episode of The Mandalorian has war of stars back to science fiction the thoughts of fanatics while continuing to bask in the performance of several actors beloved by fans.

Last week it was Ahmed Best when he made an impressive return to a franchise that burned him the first time, and this week a brand new one war of stars The addition drives fans crazy. The arrival of a SNL Favorite among the branches Mandalorian The cast increases interest in the series as it gets past the middle of the third season.

The MCU is far less fortunate in drawing fan attention to its features. Recent Marvel releases have largely flopped with audiences, which could spell bad news for the future of the franchise. A recent theory about the real culprit behind the film universe’s constant bickering might only shed some light on where the Avengers’ troubles really began, but even a deep dive into Bucky Barnes’ history might not be enough to make audiences want to always to come back again

Unfortunately, even the worst MCU release fares much better than a lot of sci-fi offerings out there trying to get it into the cinema Ender’s game to life is a perfect example. The work of literature could have made an excellent film, but the botched mess that landed on screens instead is achingly common among attempts at sci-fi.

Ender’s game‘s rise in streaming is filled with reminders of why the film flopped

lion gate

Many of us put the cinematic adaptation of Ender’s game out of our heads years ago, but the 2013 flick is coming back into focus as its 10th anniversary approaches. The film is seeing a surge in streaming where people are giving it a new wave of attention, but viewership is still lacking. A reboot may be in order, but the utter failure of the first attempt could keep filmmakers shying away from this particular title for years to come.

Bucky Barnes is to blame for all of the MCU’s problems

Sebastian Stan
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The final phase in the MCU hasn’t gone well, but it still brings with it plenty of literally earth-shattering threats for the Avengers to confront. Featured in several dozen MCU films, the heroes have taken on a lot over the years, and one viewer thinks it all boils down to one character. They argue surprisingly well that many of the problems that plague the fictional world would no longer exist if Bucky had never killed Howard Stark. People quickly traced the culprit even further, proving that at the end of the day, it’s easy to point the finger but far more difficult to explain every detail.

Tim Meadows makes his war of stars debut

Tim Meadows in The Mandalorian
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SNL Legend Tim Meadows is officially part of the war of stars Universe, thanks to the latest episode of The Mandalorian. Meadows made his debut as a very bored-looking bureaucrat who thwarts attempts to help Nevarro, and fans fell in love immediately. He’s not allowed to make many other appearances in the war of stars universe, given his character’s relatively background nature, but his ties to Elia Kane could mean more screen time for Meadows later on. The Mandalorian adds an SNL legend to its cast who blames Bucky Barnes for the Multiverse saga falls

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