The Marvels’ cat trainer reveals Goose’s on-set shenanigans


  • Nema and Tango, the new cat, play the main roles The wondersBring unique personalities and talents to the film, with Nema excelling at stunts and Tango’s good looks perfect for close-ups.
  • Filming with cats can be unpredictable and amusingly wild, as one cat started rolling around in the gritty setting, which wasn’t exactly the action the scene called for.
  • Brie Larson’s cat allergy presented a challenge, requiring that she be replaced by an extra or stunt double on days when Nema and Tango were on set. The rigorous training the cats have undergone has paid off in their achievements.
  • Get ready to be enchanted by superheroes and charismatic cats The wonders hits theaters on November 10, 2023.

The wonders, the highly anticipated sequel to the Marvel cinematic universe, brings more than just superheroes to the big screen. Among the stars are Nema and Tango, two cats with a charisma to rival any celebrity. These playful furballs take on the role of Goose, an orange tabby alien that fans have fallen in love with for the first time Captain Marvel.

These are not the same cats from the original film. Director Nia DaCosta’s discerning eye sought out cats with unique personalities absent from the films Captain Marvelis the Goose quartet of actors. That’s where Nema and Tango come in, each with their own specialty. Jo Vaughan, the cat trainer responsible for her on-screen brilliance, shared that Nema was the stunt star, while Tango’s compelling looks made him perfect for those mesmerizing close-ups.

Per SlashMovieHowever, filming with cats doesn’t always go smoothly. Any cat lover can attest to the unpredictability of these creatures, but what happens when they’re placed on a movie set? According to Vaughan, things can get wild and amusing. She recounted a specific incident and mentioned:

“The worst thing that either of them did was when we were on one of the sets where the ground was pretty gritty. We were all ready to go and it was just a giant litter box. He didn’t go to the bathroom on set.” , but he got out and immediately started rolling around in it.

Not exactly the action the scene called for.

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The Miracles: The Untold Stories of Rigorous Cat Training and Kitty Overruns

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Another interesting challenge was filming with Brie Larson. As it turns out, Larson is allergic to cats. So on days when Nema and Tango were on set, Larson had to be replaced by either an extra or a stunt double. In certain cases, it was Vaughan herself or a member of her team who stepped in to ensure the cats were performing at their best.

The hard work has definitely paid off. Vaughan emphasized the rigorous training Nema and Tango underwent.

“We had a three-month training phase. I read through the script and wrote down all the actions the cat had to perform. These cats go on set knowing everything they’re about to do. When we get to the shoot, we break it down day by day. The day before, we prepare what we are going to do the next day so it stays fresh in their minds.”

However, Vaughan also addressed the challenges of dealing with cats in such a high-pressure environment. She noted that the huge sets, large crew, and time limits were overwhelming for cats. This challenge is compounded by the presence of ten kittens on set, hinting at a possible feline takeover. Fans have already gotten a taste of it The wonders‘ promotional material. However, one burning question remains: are all these cats otherworldly beings like Goose, or just regular earth cats? To find out, we’ll have to wait for the film’s release.

Be enchanted not only by superheroes but also by some stunning cats. The wonders is scheduled to hit theaters on November 10, 2023.

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