The MCU’s ‘Thunderbolts’ grand draw is revealed as Wolverine’s next superhero showdown is predicted

Hugh Jackman Logan Wolverine

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Every day we learn a little more about the shape of Wonder‘s phase five. With only two more projects left from Phase Four, all eyes are on the next chapter in the MCU’s Multiverse saga, and today we just learned an interesting fact about it thunderbolts Movie. Namely, who will be the main character of the anti-hero ensemble. Meanwhile, an influential comic book filmmaker addresses his Marvel odds as fans pit two Avengers against each other (because we’ve never seen that before)…

We now know who is leading the charge in the thunderbolts Movie

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That thunderbolts The line-up has been known for the past few months, but now we’ve found out who will be in charge of the team. Florence Pugh is going to make a lot of money for this movie, especially a cool $10 million since she is believed to be the main focus of the movie. Given that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky is also in the group, the news that Pugh’s Yelena Belova is the boss comes as a bit of a surprise, although her placement in the promotional image above gave us a big clue that this was the case.

did She Hulk just pave the way for a showdown between Hulk and Wolverine?

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That She Hulk Finale went as far as it could by confirming that a World War Hulk Thanks to the introduction of Skaar and the semi-serious promise of a Hulk movie coming, the event arrives without actually spelling it out. So forward-thinking theorists are wondering if the MCU version of this story might feature a particular hero with even greater berserk fury coming after the marauding giant – none other than Weapon X himself, the Wolverine. Hey, with Hugh Jackman returning dead pool 3everything is possible!

Tim Burton Says He Can’t Handle Marvel’s Multiverse of Madness

Michael Keaton Batman
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Tim Burton may have started this whole superhero movie craze with the 1989s Batman, but it doesn’t seem like he’s in any rush to join many of his fellow writers in the MCU. When asked if he would be interested in ever changing sides from DC to the House of Ideas, he replied Edward with the scissor hands Admitting that he finds the franchise’s massive scope intimidating, the director joked that he “can only handle one universe, I can’t handle a multi-universe.”

Captain America vs Black Widow: Civil War

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson as Steve Rogers and Black Widow in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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We’ve seen many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come back in from the original roster Captain America: Civil War, but two that never clashed in the MCU’s first decade were Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers and Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow. Now fans are belatedly wondering who would win in the battle between the two Avengers – that is, based on sheer combat ability and removing Cap’s super soldier serum from the equation. Who the consensus chose will probably not surprise you.

Going nowhere, Avengers judges, as another round of Marvel news is coming your way tomorrow. The MCU’s ‘Thunderbolts’ grand draw is revealed as Wolverine’s next superhero showdown is predicted

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