The most deluded Vanderpump Rules cast

Inflated egos and a very easy-going view of reality are standard for reality TV stars, including the cast of Vanderpump Rules. When the show started, they were young waiters dreaming of fame and fortune. But age and life experience have not brought her back to earth. While every cast member is likely to be a little duped, here are the “Pump Rules” stars with the least grasp of reality.

Tom Sandoval

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Let’s start with the man who may be the most deluded “Pump Rules” star of them all, which is no easy feat. Tom Sandoval believes he is a fashion icon, a world-class bartender, a talented trumpeter and an accomplished restaurateur.

He also believes his cover band will make him a rock star. Judging by his outfit, his painted nails and his performances on stage, Sandoval thinks he’s Harry Styles. Forget the fact that he can’t sing, pays real musicians to fulfill his imagination, has trouble selling tickets and has released a single that, despite the attention Scandoval gave him, was a flop.

James Kennedy

James Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules on Watch What Happens Live
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We hate to agree with Jax Taylor, but he was right when he reminded James Kennedy, “You’re not the white Kanye West.” That didn’t shatter James’ illusion that he was a world-famous DJ, but we doubt it was anything will lead to it.

At least the show’s editors are trying to keep him humble. In one of VPR’s funniest moments, a clip of James bragging about his success was punctuated with his appearance on Vanderpump Dogs, where he also had to remind people to pick up their dogs’ poop.


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Jax is a pathological liar who also believes many of his lies. His delusional ego was on full display in one of those rare moments when VPR broke the fourth wall. In the Season 8 finale, Jax referred to it as “my show” in front of Lisa Vanderpump…you know, the woman the show is named after. She quickly reminded him whose show it was. As proof that it wasn’t his show after all, Jax was fired after the season ended for racial misconduct. But that still didn’t bring him down to earth.

Instead, he denied at every step that he and Brittany Cartwright were fired. Jax then took Scandoval to describe himself as the only one smart enough to see Sandoval’s true colors. But apparently there’s an audience for Jax’s infatuated antics as he returns for a VPR spin-off and new show House of Villains. He and Brittany are currently hosting a podcast entitled When reality strikes. We’re sure the delusional couple will miss the irony of this name.

Sheana Shay

Sheana Shay
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We saw the delusional side of Scheana Shay from the start. At the beginning of season one, she claimed that when she was a teenager, everyone told her she looked like Britney Spears. To the point where she was asked for autographs, which she signed. We’ve seen pictures of Scheana in high school, and while there’s a slight resemblance, we’re looking at this story more sideways.

Scheana’s delusions about fame are particularly aligned with her dreams of becoming a pop star. We’ll never forget her claiming that Good As Gold is “huge in the gay community.”

Whether sheer delusion or intense denial, she has brought a similar energy to relationships. When she was married to Mike Shay, she claimed they went to a therapy session and realized they didn’t need it.

And there was her rekindled relationship with Rob Valletta after the divorce. Scheana told everyone who would listen—everyone, really—that they were the perfect couple. In effusive confessionals, she claimed they had already chosen names for future children. The contrast between Scheana’s belief that they had a great love story and Rob’s apparent disinterest in her was almost painful to watch.

Lala Kent

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The catchphrase “give them Lala” says it all, doesn’t it? In the eyes of Lala Kent, she’s super famous and she’s never wrong. This attitude fits reality TV perfectly and gives her many unforgettable moments.

When her then-partner Randall Emmett’s film “Gotti” was slammed by critics, Lala developed a truly delusional defense. She told Lisa Vanderpump that critics were obviously harsh on mafia films because they glorified crime. Cut to a confessional where Lisa lists the Godfather and Goodfellas series, some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time.

Recently, Lala’s lack of realism in her podcasts about the aftermath of Scandoval became apparent. She obviously doesn’t understand the difference between her situation and Ariana Madix’s. Instead, she explains the reason she didn’t receive Ariana’s treatment was just double standards or that she was being tougher.

Also, Lala once said she was the reincarnation of Tupac Shakur. That’s maybe the craziest thing an actor has ever said.

Rachel “Raquel” Leviss

Rachel Raquel Leviss
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A major part of the storyline of Rachel “Raquel” Leviss’ Season 10 was her disappointment at not being able to enter beauty pageants anymore. She even cried about it on an awkward date with Peter Madrigal. But Charli Burnett put it best. If Rachel seriously believed she could be Miss USA at 28, having never won a single pageant in her entire career, she was living in a dream world.

Hopefully, months away from the spotlight and retiring from Pump Rules will help Rachel keep her feet on the ground. However, her interview with Bethenny Frankel wasn’t exactly promising.

Tell us: which VPR performer is the most deluded? WHAT ARE SOME OF THE FUNNIEST INSANE MOMENTS ON THE SHOW?

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