‘The Peripheral’ Character Guide From Flynne to Aelita

Prime Videos adaptation of the novel by William Gibson The Periphery has a massive cast spanning two different timelines.

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, the series follows her character, a young woman named Flynne Fisher, who is thrust into a mystery that will bind her time to the future but could also threaten the life of her family.

With so many characters in both Flynne’s chronicle and future, viewers may need a guide to help them keep track of everyone. Here’s everything you need to know.

‘The Peripheral’ Character Guide From Flynne to Aelita

The Periphery is set in North Carolina in 2039 and London in 2099. Flynne travels between the two via an AI simulation she initially believes is part of a game. But in reality her consciousness was pushed into the “peripheral”, a kind of cyborg avatar.

“The Peripheral” characters in North Carolina 2039

The peripheral cast
LR: Jack Reynor and Chloe Grace Moretz as Burton and Flynne Fisher in The Peripheral, Amazon Prime Video’s new sci-fi show based on the book of the same name by William Gibson.
Prime video

Flynne Fisher

Flynne is the main character of the story and through her the audience is transported between the two timelines.

Flynne, a direct-speaking woman, is sent to the future when her brother Burton asks her to help with his work by providing security in a virtual video game that turns out to be real, and she witnesses an event that she shouldn’t have done.

Burton Fischer

Burton Fisher is portrayed in the series by Jack Reynor. The character is a former Marine in the Elite Haptic Recon Force.

This profession comes in handy when nefarious forces become a threat to him, Flynne and their mother after Flynne’s time in the future.


Conner is a friend of the Fisher family, who previously served in the Marines alongside Burton. He is portrayed by Eli Goree in the series.

A triple amputee who uses a motorized, street-legal wheelchair, Conner doesn’t let anyone underestimate him and doesn’t hesitate to defend his friends when others try to threaten them.

Corbell Pickett

Corbell Pickett, played by Louis Herthum, is a local North Carolina drug lord who becomes involved in the drama Flynne finds himself in.

‘The Peripheral’ characters in London 2099

The peripheral cast
Gary Carr, T’Nia Miller and JJ Feild as Wilf, Cherise and Lev in “The Peripheral”. The actors spoke to Newsweek about their characters.
Prime video

Wilf Netherton

Wilf Netherton is the main character Flynne encounters during her time in London 2099. He is played in the series by Gary Carr.

Wilf recruits Flynne to help him find a woman named Aelita, who Flynne encountered during her first time travel in the Periphery and the reason is that she becomes a target.

Carr spoke up news week about the role of Wilf and said he enjoyed the ‘challenge’ of the role: ‘I thought playing a role like this would make me a better actor because of that without showing emotion?’ It was challenging and I was scared and for a long time I had no idea what I was doing. I still felt that way, but I just think he’s a super interesting character.

“Also, without giving away any of the story, he has some things to contend with and figure out, and it’s always interesting to play that on screen.

“And he also has a humanity about him. I think he lives in a world where it can feel very sterile, very cold, where there’s not a lot of connection when it comes to being human. But Wilf has a lot of human things happening, a lot of emotions happening, so yeah, he’s quite a lovable character.”


Character Aelita, played by Charlotte Riley, is the woman Wilf is looking for. She goes missing shortly after her encounter with Flynne, who initially travels in one of her brother Burton’s peripheral robots.

As Flynne investigates Aelita’s disappearance, she begins to learn a dark truth about London and draws the attention of people she doesn’t want to meet.

Lev Zubov

Lev Zubov, portrayed by JJ Feild, is a character with many secrets for him, although he seems to be on the good side due to his friendship with Wilf. Coming from a wealthy Russian family, Lev helps Flynne in her search for Aelita.

Feild spoke too news week about his character, saying that the cast and crew “don’t want people to know where Lev or Cherise are going to come from”.

“That’s the exciting thing about people who you might perceive as villains when it comes down to the fact that they’re going to be villains. It’s two dimensional, we see it coming.

“My goal for Lev was that I wanted him to be someone to hang out with, someone to be with, no matter how dark and mysterious he might be. I wanted people to want to hang out with him.

“Gary Carr as Wilf is one of our leads and he’s the guy we care about and want to follow [as viewers]. If he wants to be friends with Lev, there has to be something in there, it can’t just be fear. So I wanted Lev to bridge those two worlds of our heroes and also be the outside of The Collective, the organization he’s involved with.


Cherise is portrayed by T’Nia Miller. She is a mysterious, morally gray figure who could prove to be a threat to Flynne and Wilf.

Mueller tells News Week: “Cherise seems quite villainous, but I think she’s really there to serve the greater good by any means necessary. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet: the end justifies the means.

“And it’s very lonely for them, it’s very lonely at the top. Dear Lev has all these people around, dolls or friends or toys, but Cherise is very alone. Sometimes she made these very difficult decisions, but in the end they paid off.”

The Periphery Premieres on Prime Video on Friday October 21 with the first two episodes. It airs weekly on the streaming platform.

https://www.newsweek.com/peripheral-character-guide-flynne-wilf-aelita-prime-video-1753534 ‘The Peripheral’ Character Guide From Flynne to Aelita

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