The Proud Boys defense alleges they are undercover government agents and whistleblowers in the Capitol on Jan. 6

Defense attorney for a member of the Proud Boys claimed that on January 6, 2021, at least 40 undercover government agents and whistleblowers were operating in the Capitol riots.

Currently in Washington, DC, Proud Boys members Dominic Pezzola, Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl and Enrique Tarrio – the group’s former leader – are on trial.

Pezzola’s attorney Roger Roots filed a motion urging the government to “disclose all whistleblowers, undercover agents and other confidential human sources (CHSs) related to the January 6 events.”

“The federal prosecutors in this case are refusing to release information about these non-FBI whistleblowers,” Roots said Expectations in the filing. “The existence and likely behavior of these CHS is almost certainly exculpatory to Pezzola.”

“Pezzola has learned that the majority of undercover CHS as of Jan. 6 belonged to agencies other than the FBI,” he said submission reads. “At least two law enforcement agencies outnumbered the FBI on Jan. 6 in managing undercover agents, whistleblowers and CHS.”

“First, as of January 6, the DC Metro Police had at least 13 plainclothes undercover agents among the Proud Boys and other Patriots,” the filing continues. “Next, as of Jan. 6, it appears there were about 19 CHS owned by an agency called HSI (Homeland Security Investigations).”

The filing states, “When added to the 8 FBI CHS now recognized by prosecutors, it means that as of January 6, there were at least forty (40) undercover informants or agents monitoring the defendants.”

“Some of these undercover subway officers marched with the Proud Boy march,” the motion reads. “And some appear to have played the role of instigator, as they have been featured on body worn videos chanting ‘Go! Go!’, ‘Stop the Steal!’ and ‘Whose house? Our house!’ on January 6th. Others generally followed the protesters toward the Capitol.”

Pezzola’s attorney alleges that the entire defense in this trial “would have been different and much more aggressive if the The defense attorney had known of the scope and scope of the covert government Operations on January 6.”

Roots also demands that Capitol Riot instigator Ray Epps be subpoenaed, saying: “accused coIt is suspected that Mr. Epps is being suspiciously protected Charge by The government.”

A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, DC said news week Lawyers plan to answer these questions in court.

Last month, the trial of members of the Proud Boys was stayed after it was revealed that a witness expected to testify was previously a government whistleblower.

After According to court documents filed by defendant Zachary Rehl, between April 2022 and January, an unnamed FBI whistleblower “was in contact with one or more of the defense attorneys and at least one defendant by phone, text message and other electronic means.” 2023

Prosecutors acknowledged that the witness had previously been paid by the FBI as a confidential informant.

Last month, an FBI informant embedded in the Proud Boys testifies that the group had no plans to breach the Capitol. The man, named “Aaron,” also told his FBI aide Jan. 6 that members of the Proud Boys had not broken down police barriers.

A September 2021 report claimed the FBI had embedded a secret whistleblower in members of the Proud Boys. However, the source admitted that on Jan. 6 the group “had no plans to engage in violence” and that there were no pre-planned talks about storming the US Capitol.

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